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Fun Activities for your 1 month old

Congratulations! You’ve gotten past the initial newborn stage and now have a 1-month-old. Whether you realize it or not, this is a big step in the baby world! Your little one is starting to really experience the world around him or her, and there will be a lot of new milestones that they are going to hit soon. You’re probably wondering what you can do to help your little one and his or her development and interact with your little bundle as they grow this month. So here are some fun suggestions of things to do with your 1-month-old.

Engage their senses and support your 1-month-old babies development with these simple activities that you can do with them at home.

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Activities for your 1-month-old

Please remember that not all babies develop at the same rate when a milestone is mentioned as being achieved in a month this the average age that a baby achieves this milestone or stage of development. If at any time you are concerned seek professional advice. These activities and ideas are inspiration for things to do with your baby. Mix in some of the ideas for activities with your newborn and towards the end of the month try some of our activities for 2-month-olds.


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I know they seem too little to enjoy all those toys you got at your baby shower, but your one-month-old is actually ready for some play time!

Stick to toys like rattles and brackets that make jingling noises. Your baby will be intrigued when they shake these objects, and they will start to learn about different sounds. These kinds of toys help them to discover their hands which is is an important developmental milestone.

Your baby will be moving their hands and legs around a lot this month as they discover them so wrist and feet rattles are a great idea they make a noise.

When your baby discovers their hands, they’ll start to understand how to pick things up and move them around. Of course, they aren’t quite to that point yet, but giving them these kinds of toys will help them in the future! Now would also be a great time to invest in a baby play mat!


Full lyrics to some classic lullaby songs to include as part of your bedtime routine with your babies. Ideal for singing your baby to sleep.

Remember all the time you listened to music when pregnant and you could pick out the songs that your baby liked the most as they got more active and danced away in your belly!

So have you turned on your favourite jams and rocked out with your baby?

Studies show, dancing with and singing to the baby can help them greatly when they are developing.

Classical music is a great way to stimulate your baby’s brain and also calm them down. As is singing some classic Lullabies that you’ll soon discover will become part of your new babies bedtime routines.

Pick up your sweet little one, dance around the room, and let some of that new parent stress out. Your baby will benefit from your dance party, and you’ll feel a lot better afterwards.


Hold your baby in front of the mirror, so they start to understand face recognition.

Ask them questions like, “Do you see mommy?” and “Where’s the baby?”.

Engage their senses and support your 1-month-old babies development with these simple activities that you can do with them at home.
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While they are still too little to understand you, seeing themselves will start a process in their little brains that will help them understand facial expressions.

Make silly faces at them and see how they react. Babies love seeing people’s faces. And this is especially true when the face looks a little silly!

Baby Faces is a wonderful book that you and your baby can enjoy together. They will like seeing the different faces and as you read together over the months to come you can talk more and more about the emotions and activities they are doing to help develop their language skills.


Grab some different textures from around your house. Some items you may look for are towels, different fabrics of shirts, bumpy balls, and soft flower petals. Rub your babies hands and feet over these different textures to help them experience all the different types of things they can touch.

Your baby will enjoy the different sensations, and you’ll feel good knowing you’re helping them developmentally.

There are a lot of different things that you can do to help your baby grow and learn. Experiment with the list above and continue these things until they hit their second month (or even beyond that if you feel so inclined). You’re sure to teach them a lot of things that will ultimately help them in the future! Best of luck to you in your baby adventure!

More Ideas for Activities to do with your Baby

Pick up these black and white board books and spend some time reading together with your newborn and young babies. The high contrast images are ideal as they will be able to see the images and hearing your voice read the words will help language development and create memories you will look back on fondly.
Make changing time fun time with your newborn baby as you play this simple stretching and singing game. If you have older children too get them to join in as you sing along with Head Shoulders Knees and Toes and play together.
10 classic nursery rhymes to sing with babies, toddlers and preschoolers. With full words and suggested activities to keep your older tots entertained once you have sung.

Our selection of favourite Black and White Board Books are great to read together with your baby this month.

Make changing time a time that you and your baby can interact with this changing mat song and stretch activity.

Help your little one relax and drift off to sleep as you establish a bedtime routine with these Classic Lullabies.

As they will likely be spending more time awake this month why not introduce some of these fun Classic Nursery Rhymes – don’t worry if you don’t know the words the full lyrics are included.

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