Having a baby can be stressful, especially when they are not sleeping. This is the perfect opportunity to get your newborn baby into a rhythm to the days. You may be wondering how to go about that and transition smoothly so that you both can enjoy your days and time to play together. So here we go this is what we did to help us manage days and nights with a toddler and a newborn with the least stress possible.

setting a routine for your newborn baby
Setting a routine for your newborn baby

How to Start Getting Your Baby into a Bedtime Routine

If anyone tells you that their baby is sleeping through the night from the start then they are very fortunate or a liar, in reality amongst all the mums I have met it took a while!

What you can do is from the early days get your baby into a routine that signals that it’s time for bed and this will help form the pattern for bedtime well into the toddler years.

Feed the Baby

Yes, we fed our babies to sleep. Are we still doing it now that they are older?


But it worked for us and if you want to do it that way then why not it can help them sleep better.

Whether you choose to start the bedtime with a feed or finish with it then it’s up to you. But heading to bed with a full stomach can certainly help them last longer before waking up.

Give the Baby a Bath

Another way to get your newborn baby into a schedule is to give them a bath.

You probably don’t want to give them a bath every day, but you can still run a warm washcloth on their body to help calm them down.

bathing a baby with a warm wash cloth
Washing a newborn baby with a warm washcloth as part of a bedtime routine.

Who doesn’t love a nice warm bath?

Read a Book Together

Yes, even with your newborn start a habit that will help them learn later in life. Don’t believe me just check out the Benefits of Reading to Babies it’s a great way to set them up for life.

reading in bed to a toddler and a baby part of a great bedtime routine you can start from the beginning
Make time to read to your baby at bedtime to help with language development as well as establish a great bedtime routine.

If you are looking for books then check out our Black and White Board Books for Babies, Nursery Rhyme books and also our favourite Christmas Board Books that you can read together.

Sing a Lullaby

It really doesn’t matter how great or bad your singing voice is lullabies have a pattern to the words that is soothing and perfect for sending the baby to sleep.

Check out some of our Classic Lullabies to sing to your baby as part of the bedtime routine. We found that we could sing these at nap time, in the car and wherever we were to calm and relax our little ones.

How to Get Your Baby into a Routine During the Day

Does your newborn baby need to get into a routine during the day?

Not to the hour but certain things can certainly help. With a newborn having a pattern to the day helps to establish day and night quicker and settles them into better nights and more awake time to the day quicker.

Keep Naptime Consistent

One way to get your newborn baby into a routine, during the day, is to keep naptime consistent.

Just know that every single baby and parent is different, so do what works best for you.

baby sleeping peaceful at naptime
Baby sleeping peacefully at naptime

However, a consistent naptime is one of the best ways to get your baby into a routine during the day.

We set this up differently than for bedtime, a different location but used some of our bedtime cues like a lullaby and feeding them to sleep to show that it was time for bed.

Play with your baby

Yes, you can even play with your newborn.

newborn baby on a changing mat with a toddler playing with them
Playing on the changing mat with your newborn baby.

It’s a great way to help them learn as well as a way to spend time together. And if you have older children is a fun way that they can be part of the day as well.

How to Get Your Baby into a Toddler Routine

Someday your newborn baby is going to grow into a toddler.

It’s important to take note that you can use these same tips for getting your toddler into a routine too.

Three things you can do to keep your toddler in a routine is…

  • Keep your meal times consistent.
  • Use the cues you have a setup to signal bedtime and nap time especially useful when your baby and toddler experience sleep regression -> checkout when sleep regression typically happens so you are prepared
  • Do extra things with your toddler such as read a book, craft, and of course, spend lots of time cuddling because before you know it you have a teenager.

Whether you’re trying to get a newborn baby or a toddler into a routine, we hope that these top tips help you and your little one have peaceful nights and fun days.

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