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FREE Printable Beach Explorers Journal for Kids

Explore the beach this summer with your kids and record your findings in a fantastic nature journal specifically for beach days. This FREE summer printable is ideal for keeping your kids learning about the natural world throughout the summer and includes a Tide or Rock Pool Explorer page as well. So here you go all the information about our summer Beach Nature Journal for Kids!

Sample pages of the FREE printable beach explorer nature journal for summer fun with your kids from Rainy Day Mum.

FREE Summer Beach Nature Journal

The beach is one of our favourite places to visit – there are so many fun ideas as well as learning opportunities (check out our fun learning activities at the beach) to get just a little inspiration!

Small boy exploring the tide and rock pools at the beach to fill in his summer nature journal.

One of the ideas is to explore nature at the beach, from the sand to the strand line and lots of rock pools.

If like us you visit the beach frequently then keeping a nature journal is a great way to record what you find and see each time. This 4 page journal includes 2 great observation sheets as well as an ideas bingo to inspire you with simple ideas to do at the beach this summer.

Ideas for Activities at the Beach (Beach Bingo)

One of the sheets in the free summer beach explorers journal is a beach bingo with ideas of simple activities to check off as you do them together with the kids.

There are so many and such great fun it brings back memories of my own childhood and visiting the beaches of North Norfolk and Cornwall.

Here’s the list of the beach activities you can find in the summer printable.

A page from the beach explorers journal on Rainy Day Mum of the beach activities bingo showing all of the fun that you can get up to with your kids at the beach this summer.
  • Make footprints and handprints in the sand – why not then turn them into beach keepsakes like this one.
  • Investigate the rock pools – read our guide linked above and download our free printable rock pool scavenger hunt as well as filling in the rock pool investigation sheet.
  • Have a picnic
  • Fly a kite
  • Look for sea shells – why not collect some empty ones and dye them to create pretty pictures when you return home find easy instructions on how to dye sea shells.
  • Look for beach glass – check out these project ideas with sea glass for some inspiration on what to do with them once you have found it.
  • Make a sand sculpture – there are many ideas of what you could do some of them amazingly intricate others quite basic.
  • Jump over the waves
  • Build a big sandcastle
  • Make sand angels
  • Write words and messages in the sand
  • Look for pebbles – we always bring a couple of them home and add to our vacation jar
  • Look for animal footprints in the sand – we’ve found crabs and turtles when we’ve been on different beaches
  • Slide down sand dunes
  • Water bucket relay race – by far the kids’ favourite game to play at the beach especially when we are a large group
  • Play Frisbee
  • Play sand hop-scotch
  • Have a beach treasure hunt
  • Make a sundial
  • Do a beach clean-up
  • Make a drip castle
  • Take photos – check out these top tips for getting kids started with photography
  • Dig a pond and fill it with water
  • Build a channel to the sea
Pinterest image for a FREE Printable Beach Journal for kids showing the 4 pages. A beach bingo of activities, daily observation sheet and a Tide Pool Journal Page.

FREE Printable Beach Nature Journal

As well as the beach activities bingo above the FREE Printable Beach Explorers Pack contains 2 nature journal pages. Like our Bird Spotting Journal, these are great for getting your kids to observe and record nature and a fun summer nature study activity that won’t cost you anything.

Beach Observation Journal for summer nature study included in the FREE printable from Rainy Day Mum
Tide pool observation sheet from Rainy Day Mum a part of the summer nature journal free printable for kids.

Looking for how to start nature journaling – then check out our guide on Nature Journaling with Preschoolers for an easy place to start.

Beach Daily Observation Journal

The first of the 2 pages is a daily observation sheet that records nature finds from the whole beach for that day. With space to add recordings of tides, what the weather is like as well as different animals and creatures that they have found.

girl holding a crab found in the rock pools on the beach

It’s perfect if you are heading to the beach for a week and want the kids to spend a few minutes in the shade, get out the daily observation sheet and let them record what they have found. The printable one contains no objects found so your kids can fill them in as they wish.

Tide or Rock Pool Observation Sheet

One of the most interesting habitats on the beach is the pools that are exposed in the rocks as the tide goes out. These rock or tide pools are full of creatures and they change as you move up and down the shore.

Whilst studying marine biology at university I spent a LOT of time observing, monitoring, and recording what happened along the rocky shores near where I studied. They were fascinating!

Boy exploring the tide pools on the beach in the early summer.

This observation journal for the beach is great to get your kids started recording and especially great if you have any budding marine biologists amongst them as believe me they’ll be spending time doing similar as they get older!

How to Get you FREE Printable Beach Journal for Kids

So the big question is how do you get the beach journal for kids? Well, it’s really easy it’s completely free to all of our subscribers. You can just subscribe below and check your email for a welcome from me – Cerys here at Rainy Day Mum and there will be a link to get the FREE printable as well as some more ideas and activities for summer fun at the beach.

Cerys Parker

Cerys is a marine biologist, environmental educator, teacher, mum, and home educator from the UK. She loves getting creative, whether it is with simple and easy crafts and ideas, activities to make learning fun, or delicious recipes that you and your kids can cook together you'll find them all shared here on Rainy Day Mum.

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