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EZ Kids Paddleboard Review and Tips and Advice for Paddleboarding with Kids

Are your kids interested in getting started with Stand Up Paddleboarding? Have you tried it and want to get the family involved? Then this guide and review are for you. So here we go a review of the EZ Kids Paddleboard and some tips for getting you and your kids started on the water.

A tween boy kneeling on a EZ Kids paddleboard on a river in the UK

ADWe received the Kids Paddleboard for the purpose of this post. Please see our disclosure policy for more information about reviews on Rainy Day Mum.

What is Stand Up Paddleboarding?

Stand Up Paddleboarding is an emerging hobby where you stand up, sit or kneel on a board and paddle. It’s great for exploring new areas and can be done on the sea, lakes or rivers.

During the pandemic, lots of paddleboards were brought as we spent summers at home on the sea. This meant that the sport became more mainstream and open to more and more people.

Tween paddleboarding in the UK on a river.

Paddleboarding with Kids

I first gave it a try back in 2015 and took my kids out on a lake abroad. I was then hooked. As you can see from the picture below I even managed to stand up on the board with a tiny little version of one of the kids in the photos below!

Cerys Parker Rainy Day Mum on a paddleboard with one of the kids in front on a lake in Switzerland.

Over the years I’ve done the same taking my kids out on the boards but we now have a teen and a tween and they are as eager to get out on the boards as I am.

Mum and son paddleboarding on a river.

However, the paddleboard I have is for an adult, it’s long, and though they are able to get on it with me, useful for family adventures on the water. It is harder for them to navigate so a kids-size paddleboard is ideal.

Square image of a teen on a paddleboard kneeling on a river in the UK. Text reads EZ Paddleboard Review and Tips for SUPing with Kids.

EZ Paddleboard for Kids

Getting kids started it’s best to make it as easy as possible for them and the right equipment helps. The EZ Paddleboard for Kids is of a shorter length 9 feet rather than the normal 10 foot 6inches of an adult board.

  • It’s suitable for up to 60kg of a child or small adult on board
  • The length of 9 feet makes it easier for a child to maneuver on the water especially useful for rivers when they need to turn in a shorter space.
  • It comes with everything you need – board, paddle, pump, safety leash, repair kit, and a backpack that it all fits in easily.
Girl on an EZ Kids Paddleboard in the Summer on a river

Getting Started with the EZ Board

Everything comes in the box for the EZ Board, it was easy to unpack and identify all of the parts.

EZ Kids Paddleboard on the grass after a sunset paddle in the UK with the family.

The backpack is great – we have another board, my own, which has a backpack but the material and quality of the EZ Board is far superior (in fact my SUP Backpack has broken and I am having to replace it after just one journey from car to river). Everything fits inside the backpack and both of my kids are able to transport it from the car to water on their own.

Getting the board inflated – this was our only issue with the board, the pump connecting supplied was incredibly difficult to connect. Luckily, we have a different connection, and whilst out paddling we have been very fortunate that people have had electric pumps and have helped us pump up the board to the required PSI of 15. An electric pump is on our list to purchase as pumping up by hand does take a little while and away from the fun on the river.

The paddle is great, sturdy, and easy to hold. My shorter child was fine with the height as it, but my daughter who is the same height as me we were able to extend the paddle and she was able to stand up using it easily.

A tween holding the paddle of the EZ Kids Paddleboard in the water.

Carrying the board is amazingly easy, unlike many boards that I have seen it has 3 handles meaning that once pumped up my kids can carry it between them to the water easily and put it in.

Stability on the water was fantastic – all kids (we’ve taken it out with friends as well) found it easy to stand up on their feet, many weren’t sure until they did and they were able to paddle standing for a while.

Attaching a Go-Pro – the kids have been really excited as there is an attachment on the front of the board to attach our GoPro – so watch out they’ll be some paddle videos coming soon!

Getting it packed up – deflating it was easy once we learnt that you can push the pin in and it does itself but attaching the pump tube also works when the tube isn’t connected to the pump (it does make an incredible noise though!). Then it was a case of folding it back up and adding it to the bag. So simple!

A tween paddleing on a SUP on a river in the UK.

Would we recommend the EZ Board to Friends and Family?

It’s always one of the questions that I like to answer when reviewing a product here on Rainy Day Mum.

In the case of the EZ Paddleboard for Kids, the answer is a resounding yes. It’s affordable (on sale at the time of pressing publish on this article), works really well and is perfect for kids and smaller adults to enjoy paddleboarding.

Tween paddleboarding on a SUP from EZ Shopper Paddleboards

The only thing we would recommend is looking at pumps to make inflating the board easier – when we have been launching we’ve seen others with battery-powered and car pumps that have worked really well.

There is also a couple of bigger boards on the EZ Shopper Paddleboard page so check out those as well if you are looking for one for yourself.

Sunset paddleboarding trip picture with a child standing up on a board

Tips for Stand Up Paddleboarding with Kids

I’m by no means an expert but do love to get out on the water and I’ve taken a few trips with the kids now. So here are some advice and tips from me and the kids.

Pinterest Image for Paddleboarding with Kids from Rainy Day Mum showing a teen on a kids EZ Paddleboard perfect size for tweens and teens.

License or not!

In the UK, if you are intending to paddle on a river then you do need a license. This is easy to obtain as part of the membership from the British Canoe Club – they also offer a new course for novice paddleboarders to get you started safely.

If you are on a lake then you need to check whether you need to pay to paddle. In the sea is free.

Buoyancy Aids

Whilst you are out and about you with the kids on the boards you will see many paddling without buoyancy aids however, for your safety and that of your kids it is best to wear a flotation device.

We got 1 of ours from a supermarket and the others from an online sports shop.

First time paddleboarder on the River Stour in the UK wearing a buoyancy Aid.

Dry Bag

A dry bag is a great little addition to your paddleboard. It will keep all of your possession dry if they get splashed or fall in meaning that your phone, keys, money, etc… are all dry. Plus, if it does fall in then it will float.

Again, we recently replaced an old bag with one that we brought from a supermarket big enough for a small packed lunch and belongings.

Tween paddling on a river with the reeds and rushes in the background.

Wet Suit

This is definitely a personal preference but, if we are going paddling in the sea or for a longer trip then we wear a wet suit. It keeps us warm if we fall in. However, on shorter trips, you’ll find the kids in their swimwear or shorts and t-shirts.

Paddleboard Groups

One of the joys of the sport especially for kids and families is that it is accessible to all. A seat can be purchased to add to the board and make it safer. But, the biggest draw for us is that there are lots of social paddleboard groups. We found our local one on Facebook the East of England Paddlesports club and have been welcomed with open arms to come to club nights and fun events with the kids.

Girl Kneeling on the Kids Paddleboard from EZ Shopper learning to paddle on a river.

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A child kneeling on a paddleboard on a river. The text reads Paddleboarding with Kids, tips, advice and review of a Kids Paddleboard

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