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20 Art and Craft Projects for Kids

There are so many different arts and crafts projects that you can do with your kids – here’s a few to inspire you to get creative with them. If you would like further inspiration then pop over and read our 5 ways to encourage creativity in kids – especially when they are school aged and your time with them is limited.

20 Art and Craft projects for kids

Creative Cards for Kids to Make

Fantastic Fun and Learning has a very cute Mother’s Day Card – this could easily be adapted to a birthday card for a mum or even a thank you card.

We used flowers from the garden to create a window card which was then given as a thank you to a friend.

Get painting with fingers to create these Finger Print Flower Cards from Let Kids Be Kids.

Animal Themed Crafts for Kids

Use Paper Plates to create a Lion – either paint or use torn paper to create the face.

Pegs make a great resource for crafting and Let Kids Be Kids uses clothes pegs to create butterflies and Caterpillars.

Use hands to create these Rainbow Fish Hand Prints.

Art Projects

Make collages with off cuts from other projects.

Using sensory materials to create prints like this shaving foam print making projects from Life with Moore Babies.

Try a different art material – instead of the normal ready mixed page use watercolours and let children explore the medium – even toddlers can create magical pieces like this Earth Project from Sparkling Bugs

Creative Projects for Older Kids

Arts and crafts don’t have to stop when your kids start school try this Mermaid Paper Plate Window from Zing Zing Tree for a project.

Create an outdoor music station with this DIY music man from Let’s Play Music.

Work with your child to create a Puppet from their drawings following these simple instructions from Kids Activities Blog.

Create stained glass windows using this method from HighHill Education – I love the effect it has produced and reminds me of church windows a lot more than using tissue paper does.

Toddler Crafts and Art

Explore one of the great artists with a fun activity to see how Michelangelo created the Sistine Chapel with your toddler or preschooler.

Use dough to create lasting crafts like these hand prints from Teaching Mama.

Paper Plates are always a firm favourite with us at home – and these paper plate flowers from Happy Hooligans look so easy to make with toddlers.

Use junk to create a beautiful wind chime for the garden.

Print with cardboard tubes to create pictures like these flower print pictures from 3 Dinosaurs.

Get creative with learning the alphabet and create letters from different materials like this Model Magic M from Mini Monets and Mommies.


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