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Collages with preschoolers

From our crafting we are regularly left with scraps of paper here’s a good way to use up these scraps and create a fun art project for older toddlers and preschoolers.

Mixed media Collages for Preschoolers

Materials for Collages

Scraps of coloured Paper

Making Collages with Preschoolers

When we craft we store the larger scraps of paper that we have left over in a box and use them up every so often creating collages with them. T loves having the freedom to create art of her choosing and goes to town creating pictures that we can put on the wall.

Mixed media collages from paper scraps

I set up the art table (otherwise known as our dinning table!) with the scraps of paper some glue, sequins in a pot – don’t give toddlers and preschoolers your whole sequin collection as they will ALL be used it’s easier to decant out a small amount as these will all be used but you won’t end up finding them forever after you lift up the art work once complete and some glitter pots.

Mixed media collages for preschoolers

I like this time to spend with T and help her with the gluing and making sure that it’s spread all over the scraps of paper – J was a complete cover gluer everything that he wanted to stick was soaked with glue – but T tends to only put a little bit of glue on at a time so I help along spreading it out.

Making mixed media collages with preschoolers

We’ve got into a routine where the paper goes on first, then we swirl glue all over the art work – I love using smaller bottles of glue like in the picture where T can squeeze out but not too much at a time as it helps work those hand muscles as well.

Mixed media collage art for preschoolers

With the glue on we covered in sequins and then swirled more glue on covering over some of the sequins and then sprinkled glitter. The glitter pots that have tops similar to salt shakers are really good for this especially when you have the multiple hole openings.

Leaving to dry we then  add to our art wall and have it in place until the next piece of work is created.

Preschool Collage Mixed Media Art Work

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