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Simple Toddler Craft – Paper Plate Lion Face

One of our favourite crafts for toddlers is to make some lion faces.

They are great for a circus theme or jungle theme and this easy toddler lion craft is great to make with very young tots.

Using a paper plate makes faces so much easier to do and your tots will love to paint it.

So here we go a Simple Paper Plate Lion Face Craft for Toddlers and up to make.

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Toddler Paper Plate Craft – Lion’s Face

Now, this is one of our messier crafts, the finger paints can come out and you and your tot can have a lot of fun.

finished toddler paper plate lion craft

Using finger paints instead of a paintbrush or sponge is a great sensory experience and you can spend some time talking about colour mixing as well.

toddler finger painting a sensory aspect of crafts with tots

To make it so that you don’t have a brown lion only provide red and yellow finger paints that way you know it’s going to be orange, red and yellow only.

Torn Paper Mane for the lion

Tearing paper is also a really great activity for your tots. It helps to build some of those muscles that they will need for writing in the future.

toddler tearing up paper for different crafts

Check out our torn paper Turtle for another fun paper tearing craft for your toddler and you to do.

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Paper plate craft for toddlers a lion's face
Easy toddler paper plate craft to make a lion's face ideal for jungle and circus themed crafts

Simple Toddler Paper Plate Lion Craft

Cerys Parker
Make this finger painted lion face with a torn paper mane out of a paper plate with your toddler for some fun animal and jungle themed activities.
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Prep Time 2 minutes
Activity Time 20 minutes
Total Time 22 minutes


Equipment Needed

  • Scissors

Materials Needed



  • With the white and black craft foam cut out eyes for your lion ahead of time and glue them together.

Lion Toddler Craft

  • Add some red and yellow finger paints to the centre of a paper plate.
  • Let your toddler mix and paint the paper plates. Handy Tip: provide them with more than one but be warned you could end up with a whole pride of lions.
    toddler mixing finger paints
  • Once they have painted set aside to dry and get busy tearing up the paper. You don't have to be accurate and it doesn't matter on the size just go for it.
  • With the paper plate dry spread some glue around the outside and let your toddler stick the mane in place.
    adding torn paper to a paper plate
  • Add some glue and place the eyes.
  • Now let them draw a mouth. You will find this easier if you show them what a mouth of a lion will look like.
    adult modelled version of the paper plate lion
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Toddler crafts - an easy painted paper plate lion

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