Snow Crafts and Activities for Tots

For many children this maybe the first year that they experience or the memory of snow sticks in their minds, capturing those moments and extended on it through play and crafts is one of the joys of winter. Last year we didn’t see a single snow flake in our part of the UK and we are yet to see them this year. I’m looking forward to this winter with the hope that J who can remember snow and T who has seen it in Frozen and on pictures will get the memories associated with the snow as well as the images that she has learnt.

20 Snow and Ice Activities and Crafts for Tots to enjoy this winter.


To help you extend and enjoy even the smallest snow flake we’ve got 20 different snow crafts and activities for your and your children to do at home or in the classroom.


20 Snow Crafts and Activities for Kids

Starting off with a great snack for kids to eat and make with you from Kiddie Foodies these White Cheese Snowflake Sandwiches.

Another snowflake activity – but this time some newspaper snowflakes from Buggy and Buddy such a fun activity and great for those cutting practices.

More of an Ice activity than a snow but great for winter this melting iceberg experiment from Stir the Wonder is fun for tots to do at home.

I really can’t wait till we have some snow to try out this indoor snow painting over on B-Inspired Mama.

Another science experiment observing Snow Melting – I just love the literacy activities included in this one over on Little Bins for Little Hands.

It’s fun bringing the snow indoors but part of the fun of snow is getting out and over on Happy Hooligans they are making Coloured Ice Sculptures and Painting in the snow.

Get out in the snow and get the toys involved as well love this simple activity from How Wee Learn using ride on Toys in the snow.

As you know we love Nature Exploration and from What we do all day they are taking some Ice inside to investigate it in some Nature explorations.

Toddlers love exploring the snow and I love these 3 ideas for snow trays from Me and Marie Learning.

The Sugar Aunts have been having fun outside in the snow – with some letter recognition activities and some gross motor skills in a snow maze they look to be enjoying the snowy weather.

This has been on our Winter Bucket List for the last few years but still not got around to it – over on Nothing if not Interntional they are making snow ice cream.

Another snow ice cream recipe this one healthy and sounds delicious from Mamma Pappa Bubba, you can tell they’ve got a lot of snow at the moment as they’ve also been doing some fun snow spray painting.

Some more science investigation over on P is for Preschooler with some I Spy Snowflakes check out the close up pictures they have of the snowflakes they found.

Over on Inspiration Laboratories they have been investigating Snow and Water as well as getting the toy cars out into the snow.

Snowflake crafts are a lot of fun and this Frosted Snow flake Craft from My Little 3 and Me looks adorable.

Over on KC Edventures they are doing some Nature Observations in the Snow with some Animal Track exploration.

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20 Snow and Ice Activities and Crafts for Tots to enjoy this winter.

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