Snowman Crispie Cakes

Toddler and baby Winter ActivitiesI’m really trying to explore and embrace lots of different activities with J and T this year. So I decided to dust off the kitchen scales and find some cake cases and we made some snowman crispie cakes today.

Rice Crispie cakes are so simple to make – although for some reason I had to hunt through my cookbook collection to find a recipe as I didn’t think they could be as simple as I thought they were!



Snowmen Rice Crispie Cakes
Snowmen Rice Crispie Cakes

What you need

50g Rice Crispies (or similar)
100g White Chocolate for melting/cooking
Box of mini Smarties (sugar candies)
Black and Red/orange Icing Writers

How the fun happens

It’s only recently I’ve started baking with J as I was afraid of heat, sharp objects and mess. Apart from sharp objects when I pictured this in my mind it involved heat and mess, but we went for it. As J is fascinated by numbers I had him help me weigh out the rice crispies into a bowl on the scales (this was where the mess came from mostly – we took the picture after we’d cleaned up as when we weighed and he saw the crispies all over the table I had the command “Mummy Tidy up time!”).

Weighing ingredients for the snowmen crispie cakes
Ingredients weighed and waiting to be added to melted chocolate for snowmen crispie cakes

Using the microwave I put the chocolate into plastic bowl and heated it for 1 and a half mins then stirred it and gave it to J explaining that it was “HOT” we then poured in the rice crispies and he stirred – this had to be his favourite bit – he loves any mixing/stirring at the moment (bit of a problem when he does it in his pelican bib at dinner).

Toddler Mixing rice crispie cakes
J maxing the snowmen crispie cakes

We then put the mixture into cake cases – so a few times it was more of J taking it out and making it into a ball in his hands like we had done with the Snow (Cloud) dough to make the snowmen in that but it will only be us that eats them no sharing with friends and neighbours this time.

Adding suagr candy eyes to the snowmen crispie cakes
Captured a rare moment of J putting eyes on the snowmen crispie cakes instead of eating them

To add eyes to the snowmen we used mini Smarties (Sugar Candies) which went along the lines of 2 eyes for snowman and 1 for J, 1 eye for snowman and 2 for J! But he did put some on and occasional they were in a place were eyes should be. To make a nose we used a squeezy tube of icing and the mouth we did the same.

Now if you look closely at the first picture you will see what happened next – 1 snowman had both eyes removed and another had 1 eye removed before I could take a picture of them! Below is J’s favourite snowman crispie cake.

Snowman crispie cake
J's favourite Snowman Crispie Cake


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