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Indoor Snow Day Activities

Snow Bath – Indoor Snow Day Activities

Indoor Snow Day Activities are essential for us at the moment, we’re just out of hospital with T and she’s recovering but still not up for long time activities out in the snow so we brought the snow inside for her. I’ve looked at the themed baths that The Imagination Tree and Growing a Jeweled Rose have posted in the past and never attempted one of my own but today we took the plunge and took the snow indoors for some indoor snow day activities fun at home.

Indoor Snow Day Activities - Snow Bath

What you need to create a Snow Bath

Shaving Foam
Blue Food Colouring
Bubble Bath
….a bath

Setting up a snow bath

To surprise the kids I kept them downstairs whilst I set the bath up for them. Filling the bath with warm water adding bubble bath and colouring it blue with some liquid food colouring adding glitter to it. To make ice bergs I squirted some shaving foam into the bath.

Snowy Day Bath Fun

Outside I had collected a box of snow from on top of our table and storage box and brought that in. Put it around the bath and then let the kids in to play.

Indoor Snow Day Activities for kids

It was fabulous – declared by J to be the best bath ever – which as he loves baths is quite a statement. I’ve promised them that we will make it a special snow day activity for us. The two of them sat in the bath, covered each other in the glittery water, threw snow balls at each other and had fun making beards out of the shaving foam ice bergs.

Indoor Snow Day Fun for Kids

We’re going to extend it further and add in small world creatures and characters (my parents have my Play Mobile Eskimo set from the 1980’s still and I can’t wait to have it here so that we can add those bits to the fun).

What other indoor snow day activities have you been doing this winter?

Cerys Parker

Cerys is a marine biologist, environmental educator, teacher, mum, and home educator from the UK. She loves getting creative, whether it is with simple and easy crafts and ideas, activities to make learning fun, or delicious recipes that you and your kids can cook together you'll find them all shared here on Rainy Day Mum.


  1. Glitter in the tub!? You brave woman!! This looks like a fun activity. My girls normally take showers but this would be a fun surprise to set up for them, even though we don’t have any snow outside! Thanks for sharing with me!! πŸ™‚

    1. I’d would prefer the girls to have baths so I can get them both done at the same time but we were having a really hard time getting my older daughter to stop drinking the water, so gross! So we just had to cut them off from bath time fun πŸ™ My kids are older than yours so maybe yours will be ready for showers in a few more years

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