Simple Wind Chime

I love hands on activities with my toddler – creating something together that I can help her with and then put up for others to see and use. We created this simple wind chime for the garden that can be outside during the summer months and produces a lovely fairy sound. These are perfect for some fine motor skills development and will look gorgeous all summer long.

Wind Chime to make with Toddlers

Materials to make a simple wind chime

Plastic Cup
Beads of different shapes and sizes
Small Jingle Bells
Small clump of play dough

How to make a simple wind chime

Start off with the plastic cup – using a plastic cup means that you can keep the cup outside all summer with one of the glossed paper cups they tend to start to disintegrate especially with the UK rain. Using the play dough place 4 or 5 holes around the mouth of the cup by putting the cup on top of the play dough and piercing with the blade of a pair of scissors.

Drinks cup wind chime

Pass the thread through the holes and make a double knot to put it secure.

Crafting with toddlers making a wind chime

Now is the fun part – with the beads help and support your toddler to thread them onto the strings from the top to 3 quarters of the way down the thread. At times I held the bead and T threaded it through other times T held the bead and I helped her thread it through – this is great fine motor skill development for toddlers.

Toddler craft - making a simple wind chime

Once the beads were on the string (I did lose knots at the end of each thread whilst we finished threading all the beads needed onto the strings) we then chose some colourful jingle bells to add to the bottom of the threads.

Toddler craft making a wind chime

Depending on your style of bells your toddler maybe able to thread them on or you maybe needed – mine were fairly small and I needed a pair of pliers to open up the hole to thread through before I could get the string to go through. Once threaded through tie a double knot at the end and make sure that it is secure.

Drinks cup wind chime for toddlers to make

Put the wind chime out in the garden or on the porch where it will catch the breeze and produce a little fairy bell sound throughout the spring and summer.

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