How to make a wormery to explore what happens underground

Exploring worms and what they do with kids - make a wormery from junk

Understanding what happens beneath the soil is fascinating for kids – just like outer space and the deep sea it’s something that they can’t see easily but unlike either of those they can touch it and they get a glimpse at what is happening as they dig, garden and harvest vegetables from the garden. We’ve been reading Underground by Denise Fleming for this months Virtual Book Club for Kids and have decided to make a wormery to explore what worms actually do underground and learn a little more about why they need to do it.

Underground by Denise Fleming

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Frogs counting Game

Simple and Fun Frog Counting Game for Preschoolers

Counting to 10 and learning to count out objects are very different skills – counting to 10 is a language skill learned by repetition, counting out objects – so linking the language the notion that it’s a value is harder for kids to grasp. T loves to count – she goes from 1 to 18 and then skips and changes numbers around however counting out objects we tend to go 1, 2, 3 and then all the way upto 10 no matter how many or few objects we have.

Linking a little learning and some fun games is the

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Ordering with Dinosaurs

Ordering and sequencing with dinosaurs

Ordering and sequencing are one of the areas of maths that preschoolers and kindergarten children are taught – doing hands on activities helps them understand the concepts and language involved in sequencing and ordering objects.

We have quite a collection of dinosaurs at home ranging from large models to small pocket sized for play so taking them and organising them from biggest to smallest and smallest to biggest helped introduce some maths terminology as well as work on sequencing and ordering.

I set out our dinosaurs in a pile and sat down with J and T separately as

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Science Experiments to do at home

Simple Science Experiments to do at home

Science is fun for young kids to explore and learn about through hands on activities and those activities you can easily do at home. Last week on Tuesday Tots some amazing ideas were linked up including this activities which I am featuring this week.

First off for your slightly older kids – you can learn about the brain and the parts using modelling with this fabulous How to make a model brain from Science Sparks.

Perfect for this time of year is a simple experiment to create a rainbow from Edutainment at Home.

A fun activity for your kids

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Rainbow Fish Sight Word Scales

Sight Word Game for the book Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister is a favourite book of ours and as the feature author this month in the Virtual Book Club for Kids we have had great fun reading the book as well as being inspired to create an activity to help to learn sight or high frequency words.

Rainbow Fish is a fantastic book about a Proud fish with beautiful shiny scales who doesn’t want to share his beauty but realises that it is bad to not share and hands out his silver scales to other fish in the ocean. Inspired by the shiny scales and

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Hands on Math Activities for Measuring

Hands on activities for measuring

One of the areas of Math that can be very hands on is that of measuring – whether you are ordering/sorting objects, using language of size, weighing, length etc. Here’s 3 fun ideas that you can do at home for some hands on math activities for measuring.

First off some outdoor measuring fun from Rubberboots and elf shoes – this looks so much fun. I’m going to be doing this later this week on one of our walks.

Cooking provides some great hands on measuring activities this post from Yummy Inspirations has some great Math concepts.

Next a resource to

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Prewriting skills – draw and erase

Pre-writing skill development - draw and erase on the chalk board

Prewriting skills is an important stage in child development, it’s those squiggles, lines and circles that eventually will form individual letters, numbers and words. Mark Making in which ever medium is a good activity and is is mark making on the vertical which works those muscles that are needed for the control of pens and pencils in the future as well.

Equipment needed

Chalk Board on an Easel Chalks Paint Brush Water Cloth for drying Chalk Board Eraser

Prewriting skills – draw and erase

Set up a chalk board easel with a selection of chalks, chalk board erase, a

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Blocks for Learning

Using blocks for learning - from baby to preschoolers

Playing with blocks is fun for children of all ages from babies to older children with their Lego. Using them for learning at different levels is a slight twist on building with them here’s 4 simple ideas for learning with blocks.

Using blocks for Learning

First off is simple building for babies, this can help work on language development you can talk positional words, colours of the blocks that you use, count as you play with the blocks as well as working on motor skills as you go as well.

Blocks made of unusual shapes are fantastic for problem

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5 Numeracy Activities for a Town Walk

5 Simple Numeracy Activities for a Town Walk

Walking around a Town or City lends itself to introducing some fantastic Numeracy Activities on the move. Here are 5 simple Numeracy Activities for a Town Walk great for Preschoolers and Kinder aged children.

Numeracy activities for a Town Walk Counting

Easily the simplest of the activities is counting the house as you go. Start off with counting every 5, 10, 20 houses as you go past them and increase as your child is able to count them along with you.

Number Recognition

With the counting you can introduce number recognition – if you are lucky to pass a

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