Classification and Sorting of Dinosaurs

Classification and sorting of dinosaurs working on science and math knowledge with preschoolers

Dinosaurs are always a favourite with kids and mine are no exception – in fact what I’ve learnt in the last 5 years is more than a semester of Evolution of Vertebrate Animals at university. This week #playfulpreschool theme is Dinosaurs, each Wednesday we are sharing a preschool learning/creative activity based around a theme with bloggers from the Playful Preschool group.

Looking at areas that we have covered before I wanted to work on T’s strengths this week, she struggles with Letter activities but adores Maths and Science based activities so using our toy dinosaurs I combined the two

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Pumpkin Numeracy and Literacy with stickers

Halloween or fall inspired literacy and numeracy activity based on the Children's rhyme Five Little Pumpkins

As pumpkins appear in the shops we’re starting some Halloween themed activities at home. I like introducing activities that go with books and rhymes and The Five Little Pumpkin song is really cute and inspired a creative filled morning of learning with Numeracy and Literacy based activities.

We started off by listening and watching the Five Little Pumpkins song on YouTube – to make it easier I’ve added it below but search as there are different versions of the rhyme. This was T’s favourite one. Then we started off our activities counting and making our own book.


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Room on the Broom – Learning Ordinal Numbers

Room on the Broom - learning ordinal numbers and sequencing with finger puppets

Julia Donaldson is one of our favourite authors consistently producing books that my children love – from board books to early reader books there’s been something that sparks the interest of either J and T. As this months feature author for the virtual book club for kids and 3 fantastic books to focus on by her we have chosen a topical favourite from the choices Room on the Broom.

Room on the Broom is written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler and is a rhyming book about a witch and the animals that she picks up as

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Shoe Box Constellation Maps

Shoe Box Constellation Maps - create your own star maps to view inside any day of the year

This week #playfulpreschool theme is all about Night Time, as the days are getting shorter and the nights longer we’re finally seeing the night sky again after the summer break and the children are fascinated by it. At the moment we’re only seeing it first thing in the morning as it’s dusk when they head to bed but by the end of the month we will be able to explore it with our telescope and see first hand what we have been learning about this week.

Stars and the moon fascinate T and she likes waking up early and

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Autumn Colours Plant Science for Preschoolers – #playfulpreschool

Autumn Colours - colour and plant science hands on learning for preschoolers

This week along with the other bloggers of the #playfulpreschool team we are sharing learning and creative ideas for preschoolers based around the theme Autumn Colours as a change I am welcoming another member of the team Darla from The Preschool Toolbox to share a fun learning activity for preschoolers for Autumn Colours combining colour and plant science.

With this weeks theme of Autumn Colours it’s a great opportunity for some hands on science for preschoolers – finding out about the world around them and how it works is inbuilt; asking questions and discovering the answers themselves helps them

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Apple Tree Maths

Fun autumn math activity for preschoolers - helping with fine motor, number recognition and 1 to 1 counting

Last week we were lucky to go to a Farm and pick some apples as our own apple trees this year have had a very poor harvest it was a great experience for T and I. Inspired by the apple picking I have had an apple tree maths activity set up for her when she wants to sit and do an activity with me especially useful when we’re doing homework with J and she wants some “homework” to do as well.

What you need for Apple Tree Maths

Brown, green and red card or strong paper White paper Glue

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A Parents’ Guide to the language of phonics

A parents' guide to the language of phonics - what does phonics, phonemes, diagraphs and trigraphs means in plain English.

In the days when I started school 30+ years ago we were taught our letters and we learnt to spell words, phonics was a word used only by the teachers. When J started school last year we had a talk about literacy in the reception year and suddenly there seemed to be a whole new world of learning that I was being introduced to by a little 4 year old.

Phonics, Phonemes, Digraphs and Trigraphs – I’m guessing that many of you have a similar look on your face as I did *confused*. So I thought I’d give a

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Farm Themed Count and Add Activity for Preschool – #playfulpreschool

Farm themed math activity for preschooler - farmyard animal count and add

Farms are a popular choice for preschoolers and this week as part of the #playfulpreschool we are focusing on Farms as the theme and this time I decided to do some Maths work with T whilst playing with her. On our none preschool days (she attends the same preschool that J did 2 and a half days a week) I try and mix up our activities and play focusing on different aspects. So with our collection of farm animals we sat down to do some Mathematics through play.

Materials Needed

Selection of Farm Animals – if possible 6 of

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Fine motor and maths tools for playful learning

Fine motor and math tools for at home

Over the summer vacation I had two goals to work on with J and T. With J we had been asked by his reception year (kindergarten) teacher to focus on fine motor skills and with T I wanted to work on colours and numbers some early math skills. So finding tools that I could work on these areas with the kids was important goal for the summer.

Learning resources is a favourite educational toy and equipment company of ours from my home town in the UK and among their collection they have some fabulous tools and equipment for helping

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