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Spin Art Paper Plate Pumpkins Halloween Craft for Toddlers

Are you looking for an easy peasy Halloween craft for your toddlers, then these paper plate pumpkins created with a salad spinner are ideal. Just dust off the salad spinner gather the materials and let your toddlers create this simple craft for Halloween that you can do in just a few minutes, let dry and decorate.

a Pinterest image for a spin art pumpkin toddler craft

Halloween Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft

Have you seen the paint spinners that create pretty patterns? Although not expensive you can do it for free if you have an old salad spinner that you never use handy. It’s ever so easy to make and the kids will love the patterns that are made as well as the act of spinning itself.

This Halloween Spinner Art is so simple you and your toddler can easily make it together, you’ll just need a paper plate some appropriate Halloween colours and a way to make your Jack-o-Lantern Face!

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What you need to make Spin Art Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft with Toddlers

Salad Spinner
Ready Mixed Yellow, orange and Red Paint
Paper Plates
Black Construction (or gummed) paper

Prep Ahead For Parents

To make it easier and quicker I recommend that you precut the black construction paper or gummed paper so that your toddler will be all ready to use once the paint is dry.

If you use gummed paper then this activity is great to save to do with others in the paper.

Watch our EASY Halloween Craft for KIDS Video

Check out this simple Halloween Craft for Toddlers in the video below that you can make together.

How to make these Paper Plate Pumpkins

1. Cut the paper plate to fit inside of your salad spinner. It may fit perfect but check first.

inside of a salad spinner with paints and a paper plate used by toddlers and preschoolers to create a craft for halloween

2. Pour in your chosen colours of washable paints, we picked red and yellow for ours.

toddler with a salad spinner creating some halloween crafts with paints

3. Place the lid on securely and then let your little one spin the dial.

4. Repeat as many times as you would like, you could create a whole family of pumpkins or just 5 to use with the rhyme 5 Little Pumpkins.

5. Remove the pumpkins and allow to dry.

Pumpkin Books to Read

Whilst the paint dries why not snuggle up together on the sofa and read one of these fantastic pumpkin books together.

If you’ve had enough of Pumpkins then why not read one fantastic Halloween Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers!

toddler sitting on table finishing off a paper plate pumpkin colouring in the finishing details

6. If you wish you could fill in the gaps on the paper plate with crayons, paints or markers it’s up to you!

7. With some precut face shapes add in your eyes, nose and mouth for the paper plate pumpkin faces.

A finished pumpkin paper plate craft make by toddlers using a salad spinner with glued paper face

If your toddlers loved using the salad spinner then why not leave it out and create a Spin Art Fish next.

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Long pinterest collage of spin art pumpkin toddler and preschool craft for Halloween


  1. We love doing spin painting too! I’ve not thought of doing it to create a Halloween pumpkin though. Fab idea!

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