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Song of the Stars, a Christmas story – brought to you by Barefeet on the dashboard

One of my aims during the Christmas season is to teach J and T the true meaning for Christmas via the Nativity Story and giving to others. Today’s book as part of the Story Book Advent series is the Song of the Stars, a Christmas Story tells the Nativity Story but from the perspective of the world, the elements, plants and animals on the planet and ends with the familiar Nativity Scene in the stable with Mary, Joseph and Jesus. With beautiful illustrations and poetic rhymes based on psalms and biblical tales this is an alternative to the traditional nativity story that brings another way to teaching children about the real meaning behind Christmas. Becca from Barefeet on the Dashboard brings alive the story in a perfect way for young children.

Retelling the Nativity Story through play and books with Sog of the stars, a Christmas story

Becca explains in details about retelling the Song of the Stars a Christmas Story book through play, using your own toys you can retell and extend the story through imaginative play helping young children to work on comprehension and story language as well as learning about the real meaning of Christmas through play. I love the Little People Nativity Set she uses in the activity and wish that it had been available when my children where toddlers as it would be perfect for this time of the year but could be used throughout the year in play as well – it would make a great addition to your babies and toddlers toys this Christmas and Becca includes a link through to the set on her post.

Story Book Advent - 24 days of Christmas Book Based Activities for Kids

Story Book Advent is running in the count down to Christmas sharing book based activities, crafts and learning activities put together by bloggers around the world for your kids and you to do this Christmas time.

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