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The Mitten – brought to you by The Jenny Evolution

Many of Jan Brett’s books have a winter theme and one of our new favourites is The Mitten, a Ukrainian Folk Tale about Nicki and his grandmother Baba and the white mitten that she knits for him despite warning him that it will easily get lost in the Ukrainian Snowy Winter. As expected he does lose the Mitten but quickly the animals move in to the snuggly warm home – until the last animal a tiny little mouse tickles the big bear with his little whiskers and he sneezes and they all fly out – sending the mitten all the way back to Nicki to make a matching pair. Today The Jenny Evolution is bringing the book alive for us as part of the Story Book Advent.

The Mitten fine motor activities for kids

Expanding on the theme of knitting the Mitten The Jenny Evolution creates a full on fine motor activity for the children, with cutting, and punching as well as sewing up of a real life mitten for the book. Whether your children are preschooler or elementary these fine motor skills will help them to develop and improve their writing skills for the future.

Story Book Advent - 24 days of Christmas Book Based Activities for Kids

From the 1st December through to the 24th December we are sharing Christmas and Winter Book Based activities as part of our Story Book Advent, each day we are featuring ideas from bloggers around the world bringing 1 or 2 books that are family favourites to life for their kids and yours.

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Day 4 – Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Day 5 – Aliens love Panta Claus and Merry Christmas Curious George

Day 6 – Christmas in the Big Wood

Day 7 – Forever

Day 8 – Can you see what I see? Night before Christmas

Day 9 – Winter is for Snow


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