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Three Snow Bears – brought to you by Mama Smiles

Jan Brett’s books are always fantastically illustrated and both of  today’s two Story Book Advent books are from this amazing author and illustrator. First off Mama Smiles shares a simple activity for the book Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett. This book is based around the story of Goldilocks however the location is shifted to the far North of Canada and the land of ice and snow. Aloo-ki is a inuit out with her sledge and dogs when they wander off and start to float away – hunting for them she discovers and igloo and enters – the igloo the home of the three polar bears. With beautiful illustrations that reflect the native dress of the inuits as well as Jan Brett’s fabulous retelling of the story this is a great variation of the Goldilocks story to share at Christmas and Winter time.

Three snow bears - creative activity for family fun

Mama Smiles shares some amazing family history with us from the 1950’s with pictures of her grandfather in Alaska and explains what he did and the life he led there. To bring the book Three Snow Bears alive for her children Mama Smiles shows us a simple easy to put together activity that kids of all ages can do, in the lead up to Christmas with busy lives these simple activities that kids enjoy can keep them occupied for hours pop on over to her site to find out how to create and set up the Three Snow Bears Activity.

On this the tenth day of our Story Book Advent we are sharing two fabulous books from the author Jan Brett and activities for kids to do at home with you counting down to the days to Christmas with Literature based activities on Christmas and Winter themed books.

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