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Pine Cone Owl Craft for Kids

It’s time again for the Virtual Book Club for Kids – and this month we are reading books by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. This is another new author to me and there is a wonderful selection of books to choose from – check out the cohosts at the bottom of the post to see what other books people have had fun with. We have chosen Little Hoot as our book as J and T both like owls (with no experience of the author we literally choose the book based on the character on the front cover) and have had a wonderful time creating Owls and talking about routines in our day.

First we set about creating Little Hoot, Mama Hoot and Papa Hoot, J has been on a Nature Walk recently and picked up a few pine cones so decided that we needed to create some pine cone owls.

Ours are very simple owls – we did attempt to add wings to the owls but little fingers pulled them off before they had a chance to dry. We started off working out the best way to put the owls and J decided that it would be easiest for them to rest on their flat bottoms instead of the points.

Little hoot activity - making owls

We then created our owl eyes – using white card we cut out an eye shape and then J insisted that we use black sticky dots for pupils and placed them on each of the owl eyes.

making pine cone owls

We then had a lot of fun covering our owls in glue first for the eyes to stick on with and then to complete our final part of the owls.

Little Hoot craft

J declared that we had to use glitter to make the owls extra special so we used a tub of it!

While we were reading the book I thought it would give us the perfect opportunity to talk about our days and routines. Although J is fairly good at going to sleep (unless he has a nap during the day which is rare) he does get frustrated when he’s not aware what is going on.

Love the Little Hoot owl book it’s just one of the Fabulous Owl Books for Preschoolers on our list go and check out the other recommendations for even more inspiration and if you liked the sweet craft check out these easy owl activities for little kids for more ideas.

So I created a day chart, I included pictures of things that happen during the week like walking to preschool, bath time, eating meals, playing outside. After seeing this number wheel by The Imagination Tree I was inspired to use a similar style to create our day chart.

 using little hoot to talk about routines

I drew some rough sketches of our daily activities on a paper plate and then quickly coloured them in whilst J and T were busy playing with some play dough and then using a second paper plate I cut a slice of pie out of it and put the two together.

little hoot inspired routine chart

J and I then sat down and we went through the different activities that make up our day talking about what we do before and after something. I’m really hoping that being able to “turn the dial” to different activities throughout the day will help reduce some of the frustration that J feels with not knowing what is coming next.

Little hoot activity

We would love you to link up your Amy Krouse Rosenthal inspired activities this month – but first pop by the blogs cohosting this months Virtual Book Club for Kids and check out what books they are reading and the activities that they have come up with to go with the books.


  1. You know I love the owls, don’t you?! But the clock is great too.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


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