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Owl Babies Print and Play Shape Game for Preschoolers

One of my favourite books to read to my kids when they were young was Owl Babies and our favourite children’s poem is The Owl and The Pussycat. Such a sweet story and I am delighted that we have chosen Birds and these books as our feature for Rainy Day Tots.Discover how to set up our Owl Babies Maths Game for Preschoolers using our FREE Owl Shape Printables to play available in our store now.

Owl Babies Maths Game for Preschoolers
Owl Babies Maths Game for Preschoolers

Owl Babies Book of the Week for Preschoolers

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Owl Babies by Martin Waddell has been one of our favourite books to read together when my kids were preschoolers. We loved how it looked at the fears and separation anxiety that little ones have both in the middle of the night and when their parents aren’t around.

When my daughter was a preschooler it was one of the ways that we supported her with separation anxiety leaving her at preschool for the first time.

Love this owl book recommendation then check out these Best Owl Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers we’ve put together for some more fantastic inspiration.

Owl Babies Shape Game

This game was a lot of fun to make and my god-daughter and I (pictured) had fun playing it. We worked on 2D shapes and different colours as we played together

Check out these other ideas for shape games:

Materials needed for this Owl Babies Maths Game

Printable Owl Babies Sheets

Owl Toy

Paper Bag


Optional – Laminator and Laminating Pouches

Check out these Owl Crafts for Preschoolers for more activities to do with this theme.

Preparation for Owl Babies Hands-on Shape Activity

Print out and cut out the Baby Owls. I laminated them to make them a little harder wearing but if you print on strong cardstock this wouldn’t be necessary.

printable owl babies game for preschoolers
Printed and laminated owl babies

Take the paper bag and roll it into a nest for the owl babies to sit in.

paper bag nest
Simple paper bag nest for the Owl Babies

Playing with the owl babies

Review the different 2D shapes with your child – H knew Circle, Triangle, Square, but Oval, Rectangle, and Hexagon were new shapes for her.

As this activity works from the first shapes that children will learn to recognize through to the expectations at the end of foundation stage in the UK (Kindergarten in the US) you can choose whether to work with all 6 shapes or pick just a couple to work with.

Place the babies in the nest. Pick an owl baby to fly to it’s Mother Owl.

collecting owl from the paper bag nest and identifying the colours and shapes
Owl Babies in a nest.

Ask your child to identify the colour of the owl baby and then the shape. With the shape once identified talk a little using some shape language like the number of sides, whether the sides are the same size or different.

2D Oval Owl Baby Game for Preschoolers
2D Shape Game for Preschoolers

Now challenge your child to find either another owl baby the same colour or with the same shape.

colour and shapes recognition. sorting owl babies with the same colour shapes
Collect owl babies from the same family matching the shapes or colours together.

Having oval and circle, and square and rectangle is interesting as some children can identify the differences immediately and others need to be taught by looking at them in more detail.

learning 2D shapes with a Maths Game featuring owls
Learning about 2D Shapes in an Owl Babies themed maths game for preschoolers

Owl Themed Books for you Book Basket

I know many of you enjoy our book-themed posts each week and with them, I like to provide a few extra books that you can add to your book basket as well along the same theme. Here are our suggestions this week.

 Our Featured Book Owl Babies by Martin Waddell

Other Owl Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Little Hoot craft
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bottle top craft owl
Scissor Practice Owl with Bottle Cap Eyes

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Preschooler playing the shape game
Shape Game for Preschoolers Inspired by the Book the Owl Babies

Owl Themed Literacy Activities

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Owl Themed Maths Activities

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Owl Counting Playdough Mats from Preschool Powol Packets

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Owl Themed Arts, Crafts, and Sensory Activities

Owl Babies Sponge Painting from Adventure of Adam

Owl Themed Science Activities

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Build a Nest STEM Activity from Views From a Step Stool

Owl Themed Gross and Fine Motor Activities

Movement Tricks to Help Kids with Separation Anxiety from Sugar Aunts

Owl Puppets from Powerful Mothering

Preschooler playing the printable owl maths game working on shape and colour recognition
Owl Shape Activity for Preschoolers
collage of Owl Babies themed shape game for preschoolers
Owl Babies Themed Maths Activity for Shape and Colour Recognition
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  1. My youngest is 6 and I still read Owl Babies to him – it’s a classic!

  2. I love how many ways there are to use these printables – shape and colour recognition, matching and counting. My preschoolers would adore them 🙂

  3. This is an adorable activity. I love the idea of using a paper bag to create the nest!

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