If you love getting outside and moving with your kids then this printable move like a farm animal game for your little ones is great fun.

Gallop, jump, roll, waddle whilst pretending to be farm animals with this fun set of printable cards that will warm up their bodies and activity their minds ideal for some easy rainy day fun wherever you are.

image of individual move like a farm animal card game for preschoolers as a carton with versions of the sheets to print as well as text reading Farm Animals Movement Cards

Gross Movement Activities

Although we focus a lot on fine motor skills, the gross motor activities that you do with your kids are just as important.

They help your kids stay active, but they even have the benefit of helping your little ones to work on the large muscles that they need for strength and stamina to work on fine motor work.

Games and activities like our traffic light game and this move like a farm animal game are great for getting your toddlers and preschoolers moving and using up some of the excess energy.

Using the Move Like a Farm Animal Game with Toddlers and Preschoolers

Whether you are working with preschoolers and toddlers in a setting or doing tot school/preschool at home these activity cards for movement fun is great to print out and pick up any time.

When I taught preschool and foundation stage I would start the day with a song, read a book to match the theme or season, talk about the weather, add information to our calendar and then get moving. This pack was one of my kids’ favourite and they loved to waddle like a duck especially.

When my own kids were little and we did tot school and preschool at home we would start the day off exactly the same with a song, book, adding to our calendar and then get moving if it was raining outside then we alternated our action songs with this move like an animal game.

Love the farm theme why not check out these farm themed songs, crafts and activities for toddlers and preschoolers

Move Like an Animal Game

With the kids, we would start in a circle and I would start a march walking around.

One of the cards would then be picked from the pack and the kids would then copy the movements for a few rounds then we would switch the cards and try another one.

The pack contains 16 animal cards with the actions that you can see below.

set of 4 move like a animal cards for preschoolers and eyfs printable movement card game
set of 4 move like a animal cards for preschoolers and eyfs printable movement card game
set of 4 move like a animal cards for preschoolers and eyfs printable movement card game
set of 4 move like a animal cards for preschoolers and eyfs printable movement card game

You may want to add in sounds and use your arms and hands to create features of the animals like whiskers for the cat, or ears for the bunny.

sale image for a the move like a farm animal printable gross motor card pack for preschoolers and kinder activities

Printable Farm Animal Movement Cards

Pack of 16 cards to print and use with your kids

More Motor Skills Activities for Kids

Looking to add more motor skills activities to your days then check out these other ideas.

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