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Easy DIY Preschool Magnetic Calendar

In my classroom I loved having a calendar where my class could put the day of the week, date, season and the weather that day and have been looking around for one for home to use with my kids nothing seemed to do what I wanted so I decided to get creative and made our own Calendar for the home.

Preschool Calendar for the home

What you need to make your own calendar

Baking Tray
Magnetic Paper

Preschool Calendar for the home

Optional but makes it looks great – Printer and a copy of 3 – 5 playful preschool which includes 4 pages of printables to create the calendar yourself at home

How to make your own calendar

If you are not using the printables from 3 – 5 playful preschool then on the magnetic paper draw or write the 7 weather symbols (fog, rainbow, Cloud with rain, Snow, Cloud, Storm, Sun) and then number 1 – 31, days of the week, months of the year and the 4 seasons. If you have brought and dowloaded 3 – 5 playful preschool then put in the magnetic paper set up the printer according to the instructions on the paper packet and print out your full colour weather symbols and all of the other words that you will need throughout the year.

We’re using an old baking tray – I’ve just replaced some and have a couple of old ones laying around as they are metal the magnetic paper works fantastically on them and they will stand up on their own – but they are not great to look at so I decided to decorate with paper this would also make it easier to write on.

Create your own calendar for weather and learning days, months and seasons with preschoolers

With a sheet of paper place on the back of the baking tray and then using your finger score along the edges to get an idea of the exact size of the back of the baking tray.

Create you own calendar for preschoolers to help learn about dates, days of the week, seasons and weather

Once scored cut around the shape and then cover the back of the tray with white glue.

Create your own calendar for preschoolers to use at home

Stick on the paper and leave to dry – whilst it dries cut out the different symbols/words that you will use on the calendar.

Create a preschool calendar for use in the home

The nice thing about baking trays is that you can affix all of the magnetic calendar elements to the inside and they will not be visible.

Preschool Calendar for the home

Once everything is dry write on it some simple phrases e.g. Today – It is – The Date is then help your preschooler to add in the day, date and the season and weather.

Calendar for preschoolers for you to create to learn days, dates, seasons and weather at home

Add to your nature area at home and help your preschooler to observe the weather, seasons and learn days and dates with your own calendar.

3 - 5 Playful Preschool

If you would like the printable then it is included in the 3 – 5 Playful Preschool e-book now for sale you can click to buy it and get 25+ ideas for playful hands on preschool activities plus 10 printables to use with your children at home. Written by mums and early years specialists from around the world it’s a great resource for all parents of children 3 – 5 to inspire you to hands on playful learning at home. Available normally for $8.99 from 18th May to midnight on 25th May it is available for $6.99

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  1. How I wish I would have seen this post before I setup our calendar.

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