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Traffic Light Indoor Game

This is a great indoor game for kids that we have seen used at a local gymnastics group and it’s great fun to do at home Traffic lights is perfect for some indoor winter fun or rainy day fun. I have also made some traffic light signals out of paper with a lolly pop stick to hold up so J has to listen out and watch out for the changes to occur.

What you need to play Traffic Light Indoor game

Space to run around either indoors or outside
Optional homemade traffic light signals (circle of coloured card with lolly pop stick glued on)

How you play traffic light Indoor game

Explain that red lights mean STOP and when you shout red light (or show the red traffic light) then the child must stop. Amber lights means go slow and Green run fast.

Then start with a red light, go to an amber light and then green. Let the child run around keeping an ear out for your changes or the traffic signals that you have made to pop up.

This is great for getting Toddlers and Preschoolers to follow instructions as well as helping with colour recognition. You can vary the game by introducing different movements to it like from our Move Like A… game.


  1. Nice game, i like it it. I never play this game, but by seeing this i want to buy and want to play with my kids. By this game we can gain some general knowledge also like traffic signals.

  2. I actually just published my post about “Red Light, Green Light.” We actually had different content, but were definitely on the same wave length.

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I hope you like the pumpkin pie play dough! It’s so odd. I have a post written about “red light ,green light” that I’ve just been waiting to add pictures to and post. That’s neat! I enjoyed reading yours. We love playing!

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