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Gingerbread Man Salt Dough Paw Print Decoration

We loved making our simple Salt Dough Paw Prints so much that we decided to get a little creative with them and made the paw print into a gingerbread man. Just check out how cute they are. This uses the other half of the salt dough mix we made up for that craft project. But you could easily make up more just follow the how-to below. So here we go our fun Gingerbread man salt dough paw print decoration for Christmas!

Christmas Crafts - Salt Dough Paw Print Decoration to Make

Making Paw Print Decorations with Salt Dough

SALT DOUGH IS TOXIC TO DOGS. Please supervise your dog around this project and others involving salt dough so they don’t consume it. If they do please seek veterinary advice.

Advice out the way and now onto the fun part.

Dog making a paw print decoration out of salt dough
Dog making a paw print decoration

This was much easier with our larger dogs paw print and as soon as we made it we could quickly see how we could transform it into something different than just a Merry Christmas Ornament.

The kids had loads of fun making it and painting it. Saying how well it matched the gingerbread salt dough ornaments that we have also been making.

creating paw print decorations out of a salt dough and painting with kids for Christmas
Turning a paw print into a gingerbread man for a Christmas Decoration made with salt dough

It follows exactly the same starting steps as the other paw print decoration. But instead of adding Merry Christmas with a sharpie you get the paints out and get creative.

adding a hat to a gingerbread man painted on a dried salt dough decoration
Santa’s hat being added to the gingerbread man decoration

BE AWARE – that you do need to position the hole at the back of the paw print not near the claws as this is more or a keepsake decoration than an ornament to hang on the tree.

christmas paw print salt dough keepsake
Handmade Christmas Keepsake of your dog’s paw print. A fun Christmas Craft that you or you and the kids can make.

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cute paw print decoration made with salt dough

Gingerbread Man Salt Dough Paw Print Decoration

Cerys Parker
Make these gorgeous keepsake with your dog or cat as you turn their paw print into a Christmas Decoration that you can bring out year after year.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Activity Time 1 hour
Painting Time 25 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 35 minutes

Equipment Needed

  • Paint Brushes
  • Foam Brush
  • Round pastry cutter

Materials Needed

Salt Dough Recipe for Decorations

Decorating your Salt Dough Paw Print


  • Mix together flour, salt, and water in a bowl.
  • Knead until smooth and not sticky (add more flour if necessary).
  • Roll dough to around 1cm thick.
  • Use a round pastry cutter larger than the dog paw cut out a circle from the dough.
  • Press your dog's paw into dough, firmly.
  • Make the hole at the bottom of the paw as the ornament will be turned upside down to paint.
  • Bake dough at 140°C for 1 hour.
  • Allow to cool completely on wire rack.
  • With the ornament upside down, paint the indentions and the “belly” of the gingerbread man brown.
    creating paw print decorations out of a salt dough and painting with kids for Christmas
  • Use white and red paint to design a Santa hat.
  • Use the back of a small paint brush, dipped in white, to add dots all around the edge of the gingerbread man. Add three dots for buttons on the belly. Add two dots for eyes and dot the mouth or use a thin paint brush to create a little smile.
  • Use white paint to add snowflakes where the dog “toe nails” are noticeable.
  • Cover with mod podge to seal your decoration and allow to dry.
  • Once dry add the ribbon embellishment to the bottom of the decoration.
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painted gingerbread man paw print salt dough keepsake
Kids will love to make this Christmas Craft with your fur baby a Gingerbread Man Christmas Paw Print Decoration.

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