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Garden Crafts for Kids

The sun is shining and the garden is beckoning. These garden craft ideas for kids of all ages are great to keep them busy as well as make some fantastic fun, and easy projects for the kids to do, so check out the Best Garden Crafts for Kids below.

Collage of 5 different garden crafts for kids including decorated pots, mini garden gnome ornaments, plant markers and diy stepping stones

Garden Ornaments

Whether you have a toddler or a teen these garden ornaments are great to make with your kids.

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones garden craft that kids can make with summer sea shell finds

This fun garden craft is great for kids to make, use objects from a summer vacation or that you love and make your own DIY stepping stones for the garden with cement.

Mini Garden Gnome

Air drying clay garden gnomes sealed and used in the garden as markers and ornaments

These cute mini garden gnomes are simple and easy to make with air-drying clay and sealed so that they become water proof ideal for hiding amongst the flowers and plants in your yard.

Clay Pot Mushrooms

easy to make garden ornaments clay pot mushrooms perfect for kids to create and hide in their fairy gardens

These magical toadstool clay pots are so easy to make and perfect to hide in the garden for a little extra fairy magic. Don’t they just make the perfect little fairy houses!

Beaded Garden Ornaments

pretty beaded garden ornmanent made by kids hanging in the garden

Why not use beads of different colours and sizes to create some pretty beaded garden ornaments with the kids. They will catch the light and add some interest to the garden before the flowers appear.

Decorated Plant Pots

a clay pot painted with red and decorated with pipe cleaners and googley eyes to look like a ladybird on a red spotted paper text reads Spring Craft Plant Pot Ladybird

How about getting creative with this cute little garden craft idea to make a ladybug planter perfect for some colourful flowers to grow this year.

Wind Chime

Drinks cup wind chime for toddlers to make

Add a little decoration and sound to the garden with this simple garden project for kids of all ages to make with you these recycled garden wind chimes.

Tin Can Lanterns

a diy tin can lantern with a butterfly pattern on, there is a candle inside it shining the light through the holes it is set on a table and in the dark on a summer's evening

Use tin cans to create some patio decorations that light up the night with these easy tin can lanterns that kids can make.

Pinterest Image for Fun and Easy Garden Crafts fro Kids

Garden Markers

Stone plant markers to make with kids

What ever plants you are growing it’s a good idea to add some markers to your garden here are some simple ideas your kids can make for the back yard.

Rock Painting Garden Markers

preschool making a rock garden marker using paint pens

Whether you use paints or paint pens stone markers for the garden are easy to make. The picture above shows my preschoolers decorating the markers that we still use 10 years later in the vegetable garden.

Toddler Plant Markers

DIY toddler plant labels for the vegetable garden

These simple DIY plant makers were made by my toddlers for the vegetable patch. These are some easy to do and perfect for little hands to colour in. They will last for a season but your little ones will be able to identify what is growing very simply each time.

Garden Flags for Planting

garden flag plant markers made by the kids

Make the rows of your plants easy to identify and get your kids to create their own fabric flag plant markers in the garden.

More Ideas for Garden Fun with the Kids

a young child blowing bubbles with a homemade bubble mixture
child planting some easy and quick growing seeds in a seed tray with their mother

Make your own bubble mixture with our recipe which will save you money and keep your kids blowing bubbles all summer long.

Grow some flowers and vegetables this summer with our guide for the quickest-growing seeds to start with kids.

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