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Stone Plant Markers

With our garden rapidly coming to life and the vegetable seeds starting to sprout it’s time to make some garden markers for use out there. A couple of years ago we made some markers that have held up well but after a wet winter they have finally given up and our new seedlings need something more permanent.

Stone Plant Markers to make with kids

For some reason we had a bag of large stones brought for some purpose long forgotten in the garden and these were perfect for what I had in mind but you could equally use large stones or pebbles found in the garden.

Materials needed to make stone plant markers

Large Stones/Pebbles
Black porcelain pen or Black Acrylic Paint
Porcelain pens or Acrylic paints

How to make stone plant markers

First off clean and thoroughly dry your stones – flat stones make easier ones to write and colour however, a rounded or rough stone is still possible to use.

DIY stone plant markers

I was working with J to create the stones and to help him out wrote the plant names on them and drew an outline of the fruit or vegetable – with older children they could copy the words, spell it out themselves and draw the fruit and vegetables themselves.

stone plant markers

We then set about colouring them in – I like using porcelain pens for this but the acrylic paints would work as well the difference being that the pens dry quickly and make it a quick and simple craft with little wait between stages – ideal for younger children to do.

Stone plant markers for the garden

Once made we placed in the garden and stored some for when the vegetables were ready to go out into the beds and pots to mark them up.

Stone plant markers to make with kids

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