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Easter Learning with Plastic Easter Eggs

If you have some plastic Easter eggs laying around then they are perfect for including in some fun hands-on learning for your kids, from helping with number skills and learning to read these educational activities are great for Easter. So here you go our Easter Ideas for Learning with Plastic Eggs.

collage of activities for kids to learn number and letters skills with using plastic easter eggs

Easter Maths Activities with Plastic Eggs

Let’s start with some mathematics, and these simple DIY maths activities using plastic Easter eggs are so simple and easy to do.

Addition Facts with Eggs

plastic easter eggs with addition facts on them for a easy number skills activity

Let’s start off with some simple addition facts with this easy-to-set-up egg matching activity. You can use any addition facts that you want to to support your child in their learning at their level.

Number Bonds Egg Matching Activity

Number bonds to 10 matching plastic eggs in egg box. Easy DIY Easter maths activity for kinder

One of the most important addition facts that kids can learn are Number Bonds and this simple number bonds egg matching activity is great for some hands-on practice for kids.

Easter Egg Number Skills Puzzles

subitizing number puzzles for preschoolers with eggs

A critical number skill for kids is subitizing – this is the ability to recognise patterns of dots quickly for their numbers. Think arrangement of dots on a dice! This number skills easter egg game will help your little ones to do this easily.

Times Tables Eggs

Multiplication Eggs - hands on times table practice for kids

Multiplication and times tables are important skills and those egg matching activities can be used with older kids as well. These times tables eggs are simple to make and you can create a set for each times table that your child is learning to help them practice.

Easter Egg Patterns with Printable

simple easter egg pattern making in an egg box with free printable cards

Another number skill that is so important to develop is pattern recognition and continuation. This Easter Egg Pattern Activity will help your child and it comes with a FREE printable.

Coin Counting with Eggs

easter themed sensory bin with coins and eggs for a simple math activity to count coins in to the eggs

We’ve looked above at number skills, well this sensory tub for Easter is perfect for working on counting skills. Simple to set up and easy to use this will make sure that your children learn to count as well as recognise numbers this Easter.

Easter Egg Letter and Word Fun

We’ve had some fun with plastic eggs and maths now it’s time for some fun with letters, words and spelling. Check out these Plastic Egg Literacy Activities for kids to try this Easter.

Easter Egg Letter Puzzles

Easter Egg Letter matching diy puzzles

Let’s start with letters and this simple DIY letter matching activity will help your child to build their letter recognition skills. Match the top and the bottom parts of upper and lower case letters to form the complete letter.

Spin and Spell Easter Puzzles

easter egg with a word family puzzle added onto it to spin, read and spell

Word families are part of developing reading skills and these spin, spell and read puzzles with Easter eggs are simple to create and can help your child to work on essential reading skills. Simple and easy to set up and reusable with different word families.

Easter Spelling and Sight Word Egg Hunt

Easter egg sigh word activity with scrabble letters inside

If your kids aren’t a fan of eggs (mine aren’t) then use some plastic eggs and go on a Egg Hunt with these fun  spelling and sight word Egg Hunt from Teach beside me. This would make a great second or third Egg Hunt when the kids have found all of the traditional ones and want to go on an Egg Hunt again.

More Easter Activities for Kids

child playing in an Easter Sensory Tub. The sensory tub has green easter grass plus Easter themed objects text on the top reads Easter Sensory Bin
Easter-themed printable hundred chart game for practising addition and subtraction with 1, 2's and 5's. Download and print the chart and use our reusable die instructions to create a simple multi-player maths game to race to 100.
Collage of 4 easy ideas for egg decorating with kids, marbled eggs, wax resist, painted and natural dyes. Text overlay in the centre reads Easy Ideas for Decorating Easter Eggs with Kids
Pinterest image for Fun Activities for Learning with Plastic Easter Eggs

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