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Easy Ideas for Decorating Easter Eggs with Kids

Easter is coming and if you want to get ahead with your Easter crafting with the kids here are some simple and easy ways to decorate Easter Eggs. From shaving cream decorations and painting to natural dyes, we have a variety of different ideas that your kids and you will love to try this easter so here you go. Ideas for Decorating Eggs for Easter with Kids.

a collage of some of the ideas for decorating eggs with kids - including marbled, wax resist designs, natural dyes and painted eggs

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids

It’s that time of year when we can get the Easter decorations out and get crafty with some egg decorating ideas. If you want to save your eggs year after year then check out our advice on How to Blow out an Egg. It’s really simple and it means that you can create your beautiful eggs with the kids well in advance and use the egg in delicious Easter Treats.

using a toothpick to blow the egg, the toothpick is inserted into the base of the egg and helps to break the membrane and mix the yolk and egg white together making it easier to blow

Dyeing Easter Eggs

The easiest way to decorate eggs for Easter is to dye them! So simple and easy to do.

a collage of dyed easter eggs with natural materials, using red cabbage, spinach, beetroot, blueberries and onions to dye eggs for easter

Natural dyes are so simple to make and we have used 5 different natural dyes to dye our eggs in the past. There’s red cabbage, spinach, beetroot, blueberries and onions all of them natural and easy to do. So here you go the instructions of making natural dyes for Easter eggs.

Wax Resist Easter Egg Decoration

Simple dyed Easter eggs with crayon resist designs decorated by the kids

As soon as your little one can make marks of any kind you can help them to create some wax resist eggs. Use store-bought dyes for vibrant colours or the natural dye recipes above for something more muted.

Painted Eggs

decorated Easter eggs to make with kids

Some paints, a paint brush and your blown eggs and your little ones can get creative making some beautiful designs on the eggs. Older kids will love this as well and they can get really creative with lots of different designs. So simple and easy painted eggs for Easter.

Shaving Foam Marbled Easter Eggs

bowl of marbled easter eggs

Want the marbled egg look, but without the complex oils and dying process then why not have a go at Shaving Foam Marbled Eggs – they are so easy to do and look beautiful. Just watch the video on this page to see how simple it is and click on the link for full instructions.

Broken Egg Shell Decoration

dyed egg shells for Easter Art Projects

Don’t waste any broken egg shells this Easter and instead discover how to dye Egg Shells and then make egg shell collages. A really simple Easter Craft for Kids!

More Easter Craft and Activity Ideas for Kids

painted Easter Story stones with images of the bible story painted on them to help children to retell it easily
collage of a variety of different easy Easter bonnets for kids to make for Easter
child playing in an Easter Sensory Tub. The sensory tub has green easter grass plus Easter themed objects text on the top reads Easter Sensory Bin
Collage of 4 plastic easter egg activities for learning letters and number skills with young kids. Text overlay reads Number and Letter Activities with Plastic Easter Eggs
Pinterest collage of simple ideas for decorating easter eggs with kids


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