Simple Easter Bunny Sensory Bin

Looking for an activity that you can set up leave and have your children return to time and time again. Then a simple sensory bin is ideal. They are simple to set up, you can theme for different times of the year, and can be as simple or as complex as you like. This simple Easter Bunny Sensory Bin is ideal for spring and Easter and you can set up and store to keep as long as you want as it won’t spoil. So here you go a quick and easy Easter Sensory Tub for your toddlers and preschoolers you can set up at home.

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Spring Sensory Bin

When you think of spring I’m sure like us you think of rabbits and eggs, our fields are filled with hopping rabbits at the moment and the birds are busy in the trees collecting materials for their nests. So this spring sensory play idea is idea, the cute carrots add a little extra to the fun.

an invitation to play set up for a preschooler to play in a sensory tub, there is a plush easter bunny, plastic easter eggs, jute wrapped artificial carrots, glitter balls and mini bunnies on top of Easter grass

Although water, soil and other materials can be use, with the weather still temperamental and wanting to set this up inside instead of using messy materials we used some green shredded paper or Easter grass as the bin filler. This means that compared to some other ideas it’s relatively easy to set up.

child playing in a spring themed sensory bin

As we set this up for an individual child to play with or 2 sharing the space we used just a small storage bin of course you could use a much bigger one and fill with more packets of Easter grass so that larger groups could share if you use in an education setting.

spring sensory tub minus the easter bunny a way to continue the play and learning either side of easter as well

Setting up your Easter Sensory Tub

I like to set up the sensory tubs away from my kids so as to surprise them with them. When ever I buy tubs I make sure they come with a lid, this means I can store and switch out with others that will match the theme.

picking up balls within a sensory tub to practice fine motor skills

This Easter tub is exchanged with our frog pond sensory tub and Old MacDonalds Farm sensory bin for spring and Easter fun.

Materials for your Easter Sensory Bin

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materials for setting up an Easter Sensory Tub, easter grass, plus bunny, plastic easter eggs, green pom poms, glitter balls, fake carrots and mini bunnies

How to Put together your Spring Sensory Tub

  1. Add the Easter grass to the plastic storage bin and spread out evenly.
  2. Place the soft Easter Bunny and decorative carrots around the sensory bin.
  3. Add in the small bunnies and green pom poms.
  4. Finally, place some of the foam balls and plastic Easter eggs around randomly.
Easter sensory bin set up for a child to explore as an invitation to play

Leave it set up for your child to explore. You may want to add some of the book recommendations below nearby to extend their play and imagination further.

Extension Ideas for Learning through Play

Why not hide some letters in the sensory bin, work with letters within their names first and then other letters in the alphabet as your child starts to learn them.

hands holding a plastic easter egg with the ears of a mini bunny just visible about to hide it inside behind the hands a simple Easter sensory tub set up for her child to play

Split the eggs up and ask your child to match up the colours, say the colour or show them the colour, can they find a ball of the same colour to hide inside.

easter sensory bin with green easter grass, jute wrapped carrots, glitter balls, plastic easter eggs split apart and mini bunnies ready for counting, pouring, playing and learning fun

Fill the eggs with different numbers of objects and get your child to count out the objects and rehide them inside, can you order these number eggs?

Easter and Spring Books to Extend the Sensory Play & Learning Further

I have found that when I leave a basket of books near the sensory bin whether it’s on a table or the floor nearby that my kids will not only play in the trays but when they spy the books they will also explore the books and engage further.

Here are some of the books that I recommend and have put alongside the sensory bin.

More Simple Easter Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Why not combine the sensory bin with some other Easter and Spring themed activities with your toddlers and preschoolers.

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