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Easy Puffy Paint Moon Craft for Kids

A fun theme to explore with your toddlers and preschoolers is space.

We love creating and learning with space crafts and activities with our kids.

This easy Moon Craft for Kids uses our homemade puffy paint recipe and creates a fun crafter covered paper plate moon that the kids will love to make.

DIY Puffy Paint recipe and fantastic space based art for kids

If you decide to go to the moon… well, it would take a lot of work!

And since it’s quite difficult to actually go to the moon, we decided to bring the moon to our house.

We here at Creative Family Fun had so much fun going out of this world.

We learned all about the moon, made our own versions, and learned how all those craters are formed.

Reading about the Moon

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Our first step was to learn all about the moon.

We started with the book If You Decide to Go to the Moon by Faith McNulty, illustrated by Steven Kellogg.

We took an imaginary journey from our backyard to the moon. We learned about what it’s like in space from take-off to landing, then we got to explore the moon itself.

I love this book because it’s packed full of facts but is told in a storybook style.

Looking for more moon books to read together then check out our Best Moon Books for Kids.

DIY Puffy Paint recipe and fantastic space based art for kids

Supplies Needed to Make your Own Puffy Paint:

1 cup of Shaving Cream

1/2 cup of White (PVA) glue

Black liquid watercolor, paint, or food coloring

Large paint brushes (sponge brushes work great)

Materials to make your Puffy Paint Moon

Paper plate


To make your own puffy paint

  1. Mix two parts shaving cream to one part glue.Mix in a container dedicated to crafting not to be used with food.
  2. Mix your paint up carefully so that you don’t lose all the air in the shaving cream. Use the folding method like you would for whipped cream.
  3. Finally add some black paint to make it gray.

Add as much as you need to get the color you want. I used black liquid watercolors and ended up with a bluish grey color.

DIY Puffy Paint recipe and fantastic space based art for kids

Creating your Puffy Paint Moon

Next, it’s time to paint. Paint a thick coat all over your paper plate. We kept adding until we used up all the paint.

DIY Puffy Paint recipe and fantastic space based art for kids

Once you’re done painting, it’s time to make your craters. We used marbles and dropped them onto the surface of our moon. This is the point where everything gets messy! Experiment with dropping from different heights. Use different sized marbles. Have fun!

One thing we discovered is that when we dropped the marbles on the wet paint, it didn’t necessarily look like moon craters. But, just trust the process. Once our puffy paint dried, we had some amazing craters on our moon.

DIY Puffy Paint recipe and fantastic space based art for kids

Of course, if you get tired of dropping marbles, feel free to get in there and make craters with your fingers!

Set your moon aside and let them dry for a few hours. You’ll see the craters more clearly once the paint begins to dry. Now your trip to the moon is complete.

DIY Puffy Paint recipe and fantastic space based art for kids

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  1. I love this idea ? We are currently in lockdown wuth my 21 month old and i know this is sonething he will love and keep us both busy. Thank you xx

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