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Activities to do with your 12 months or 1-year-old

Can you believe that your baby is officially one year old this month! 12-month-old babies can sometimes be an awkward age. At this point, they aren’t considered babies anymore, and their play is more of a toddler than an infant. Plus, have you ever tried to get a one year old to sit still for more than a few seconds? This next couple of years before they become preschoolers are so much fun and there will be so many changes and developments. Here are a few activities to do with your 12-month-old baby as you get ready for their first birthday.

Fun things to do now your baby is 1 year old

Things to do with your 12-month-old Baby

The changes since your baby was a newborn are amazing. The first year is almost over and no doubt there have been days when the minutes seemed like hours and other days where the time seemed to have flown.

celebrate your baby turning 1 with simple play ideas and activities
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If you have been following along with ideas to do with your baby you will know that every time we say that babies develop at different rates, check out the activities for earlier months as well as for the month afterwards. In this case, check out our activities to do with 18-month-old and younger and our ideas of fun things to do with your 11-month-old.

If you are concerned with your babies development then please consult with a medical professional they are the best qualified to give you advice and reassurance.

Create a sensory play activity

There are so many great sensory activities out there, and one simple search can create an entirely new themed activity for your child each month!

small world play idea for sea life unit

Sensory play activities are great for one-year-olds as it will not only keep them busy but keep them entertained!

At 12-months-old, babies tend to have a tendency to taste everything around them. When creating a sensory play activity, you want to look for sensory play activities that don’t involve small pieces, and that is edible whenever possible.

Ideas for Taste Safe Sensory Play with Babies and Young Toddlers

Create a simple craft

Your 12-month-old won’t be able to create a Picasso style craft, but they will be able to create simple crafts.

baby creating a suncatcher craft in her high chair

Suncatchers and other simple craft activities are a great way for them to get a little bit creative and teach them important concepts such as colors and shapes before they head off to preschool in a few years.

Check out the ideas we have for toddler crafts. Many of them will work through the full 2 years of toddlerhood and are great to start now.

Have your baby play with musical instruments

While this might sound like a headache prepared to happen, it can be a great way for your child to have fun!

10 month old joining in with mummy

Combining store brought and household object to create music

Your baby will love playing with different musical instruments. Focus on ones that are easy to play or ones that have traditional nursery songs that they can “play” along to.

Teach them to put their toys away

At this age, your child can help put their own toys away.

However, they still will need a little bit of help from you.

mother and toddler putting their toys away

Sit down with your child and help sort things into shapes and colours and they have your baby help you put them away by tossing them in a bin or bag.

Check out our top tips for getting your toddlers to put away their toys with no fuss!

baby girl celebrating first birthday with siblings and mum
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Pretend play activities

Pretend play can be such a fun way for your child to mimic things they’ve watched you do over the past year, and to get creative.

Create a playhouse area for them, or let them create their own using play tables and chairs.

You don’t need a ton of supplies, just making a blanket fort for them or a cardboard tunnel can be all they need to create a pretend play scene.

giving doll some tea imaginative play

At last, your baby has finally made it to their first year. This is both an exciting time as they continue to learn new skills and one-day start school.

However, this also means the beginning of the toddler era of parenting which can be a little scary.

I hope that this series has helped you find activities that encourage learning and growth for your baby, as you prepare for the early stages of toddler life.

Fun things to do now your baby is 1 year old

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