Monster Making Fun

This is a really easy Toddler and Preschool fun craft/activity for Halloween that I set up on a very rainy afternoon last week. J and I quickly cut out some face parts and hunted around to find out largest googley eyes and then set up a creation station for Monster Making and left J and T to create.

Toddler Halloween Activity

T can’t reach the table sitting on a chair so likes to do any table based activities sitting on the table which gives her easy access to everything so she did her monster making fun sitting on the table.

toddler monster making

She is fascinated by googley eyes so spent the time putting them on monsters and then taking them off and putting them in another place. She placed a nose on and I helped her with the gluing and she created a cute little face… unfortunately J then decided when she went off to play he wanted her googley eyes, face and nose and peeled them off and added them to his own collections!

Monster Making Halloween FunUsing the glue stick J was able to glue on the pieces peel them off and adjust them again – noticing him doing this I think I should create some Monster Felt Faces for him and T to have some fun with. He finally declared that he had finished and decided that we needed to display them on the window so we could look at our monsters over Halloween.

preschool Halloween Monsters



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