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Free Printable Draw a Monster Game

We love family games that all ages can play together. This Free Halloween printable game has gone down a huge hit with the kids. They love creating silly monsters and reminds me a bit of the game of consequences that I used to play as a child. The kids liked that they could play together, with us as a group of 4 and on their own to create some fun and silly monsters together. So here you go our FREE Printable Draw a Monster Game.

collage of crazy Halloween Monsters created using the free printable monster body part cubes

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Monster Consequences Game

Do you remember playing consequences as a kid?

It’s that game where you fold a piece of paper and pass it around to friends drawing a segment of a person each time before passing it on. You end up with some crazy characters and a lot of laughs.

ready to play the monster drawing game, some felt pens and the printed monster body part cubes

This version though lets you play on your own or with the family and you get some inspiration from the printable dice as to what you can draw. It’s great to play with preschoolers for some turn taking practice.

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It can be played with 1 – 4 players although if you are inventive then I think you can probably manage 5 players with one viewing the top of the dice each time for their body parts.

After rolling the dice it’s time to draw and you and your family and friends can each take a side and create your monsters.

head drawn from a monster dice head block in a silly halloween game for families

Then start again by rolling the dice again.

Monster Drawing Printable Dice Game

What you will need

  • Your copy of the Printable Monster Dice
  • Card to print on
  • Scissors
  • Glue or double sided sticky tape
  • Paper and drawing materials for playing
crazy monster from the blocks a silly halloween consequence game that kids and you can play

How to Make your Monster Dice

Once you have downloaded the dice from our store you will need to print on card. There are 4 dice in total

  • Heads
  • Bodies
  • Legs
  • Arms
  1. Cut around the borders of the 4 nets.
  2. Score along the folds and tabs.
  3. With either glue or double sided sticky tape glue the tabs and assembly the dice.
crazy monster created with the monster printable blocks

Play the Monster Drawing Consequences Game

If you have more than 1 player then decide which side of the dice you will take to draw. The game is played the same.

  1. Roll the 4 dice.
  2. On your paper start at the top and draw the head from your side of the dice.
  3. You can then add the body and an arm and leg.
monster drawing game finished version created using the blocks that you can download for free from rainy day mum

Want a really strange monster then why not rethrow the dice for the arms and legs and have 2 or more arms and legs. You can of course do that with the heads too. How about a crazy 3 headed monster with 8 arms and 3 legs!

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Crazy Monster drawn using the blocks surrounding it in a fun drawing game for halloween with the kids


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