10 Songs to get Kids Moving to

We’re having terrible weather in the UK at the moment – you wouldn’t guess it was summer most of the time and the kids are getting cabin fever so we’re spending a lot of time singing and dancing.

Songs to get kids moving on a rainy day

Here are out top 10 songs to get kids moving

  • Heads shoulders knees and toes – great for learning bod part and also a memory exercise when each verse you lose a body part but still keep the rhythm and timing
  • Sleeping bunnies

  • If you’re happy and you know it Clap your hands (stomp your feet, nod you head, turn around and say AH HA!)
  • Wheels on the bus
  • Five Little Speckled Frogs – lots of jumping off logs and splashing into pools
  • Five little monkeys – we go and jump on our bed and act out the songs
  • Here we go round the mulberry bush
  • One finger one thumb keep moving
  • Hockey Cokey
  • Ring a ring of roses


  1. sian says

    We like I am the music man and the grand old juke of York. Justin Fletchers hands up song is also popular.

  2. Vicki Kouchnerkavich says

    I work at public library in the US and provide story times for children 5 and younger. We do movement all the time using the music of Laurie Berkner and Jim Gill. I know Laurie has many of her songs on YouTube and a couple of DVDs too. My 2 year old grandson loves all of her music. Have fun!


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