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Valentines Day Activity for Toddlers – Heart Mobile

Valentines Day Activity for Kids

Simple Valentines Day Activity for Toddlers a heart Mobile

Valentines Day is a perfect opportunity to talk to toddlers about Love and what it means to care for someone, to introduce the concepts of sharing and kindness, the symbol of a heart was one of the first shapes that both J and T learnt after “circle”. Here’s a simple Valentines Day Activity for toddler to do. Inspired by one of my early guest posts (a glitter hanging heart) from Faithful Mummy we’ve made a heart mobile to hang for Valentines Day

What you need for the Valentines Day heart mobile

Red and White Paint
Drinking Straws
Needle or something else with a sharp point
Painting Equipment

How you make the Heart Mobile

The first thing I did was cut out some very roughly drawn hearts of different sizes from thick card as J isn’t able to use scissors yet and I thought it would be easier to cut out the hearts for him to decorate first than afterwards as I didn’t know how he was going to decorate them. I then asked him how he wanted to decorate them – his decision was paint so after persuading him that green wasn’t a good colour for a valentines heart mobile we settled on red and white.

Valentines Day Activity Heart Mobile

True to current form the first thing he did was paint white and then red and it took a little while before he started to mix the colours. He did and then realised that he could make pink.

Valentines Day Activity
J mixed the white and red to make pink

He then had to repaint all of his hearts again as he liked the pink colour more than his red and white effect that he had already done. J paints at our dining table so protect the surface we have covered it with vinyl fabric with crayons on – as you can see below he also frequently paints the table but as it’s wipe clean it’s perfect.

Valentines Day Activity

Once J had finished painting the hearts we hung them up to dry and then I finished off creating the mobile as it was a bit too complicated for J. I used 2 drinking straws one which I kept whole and the other I cut in half. With the long straw I pierced it in 3 places and then with each half did the same. I also made a small hole in the top of each heart. Then using a needle I threaded cotton through the string and the hearts trying to balance each of the straw ends so that they weren’t too wonky.

Valentines Day Activity a Heart Mobile

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  1. I think this is adorable and shared this on Facebook! Thanks for linking up to The Sunday Showcase!

  2. A very cute mobile. How lovely. Looks like you had fun making it!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


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