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Sticky Turtle

As anyone that knows me personally will know I have a thing for turtles – so far we have managed not to craft around the subject of turtles – but it got too much today and we had great fun making a sticky turtle.

What you need

Some variations of green/yellow paper 1 piece of each

A large piece of paper

Some PVA glue

A Pen

How the fun happens

Turtle outline I drew

While I drew out a turtle outline on a piece of paper my little boy (almost 23 months) had great fun tearing up paper into smaller bits which we put into a bowl to take out as we worked out.

The idea was the bits of paper would be glued onto the shell of the turtle.

J’s paper tearing

I covered the turtles shell with glue using a sponge dabber – but with our second turtle I put some glue in the middle of the shell and we both squashed it around the shell so we could stick the pieces on.

At work covering the shell

He then stuck the pieces onto the shell – some overlapped, some left spaces so I shock off the excess and then he stuck some more on. I think the effect on the shell is lovely. I then left him with some crayons in greens and yellows to decorate the rest of the turtle and will cut out the turtle and stick it onto another piece of paper.

The turtle pre colouring of the flippers and head

Fun Factor

He loved the idea so much they we had to do it twice as well as make a frog using the same method


  1. critters and crayons says:

    That IS cute!!!!

  2. Laura@art4littlehands says:

    Very fun way to do mosaic work. I love it. Thanks for sharing at art 4 little hands.

  3. Oooh I love the idea of your little one tearing the paper first. What great fun and motor skills practice. And the final turtle.. well, what can I say, it is cute cute cute! love love love! Can we have more turtle crafts please!!!

    Thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


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