One of the many books that we read over and over again is The Tiger Who Came to Tea so as part of My Little Bookcases My little Book Adventure is to Dine with a book character – this was perfect. When I asked J who he wanted to come to Tea he said “The TIGER”.Bringing books alive the tiger who came to tea

The Tiger who Came to Tea

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The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr is a classic British children’s book. In the book a tiger invites himself to tea with the little girl and she attempts to feed him – quite a feat especially with how hungry and thirsty the tiger is.

What you need to Throw your Own Tiger Who Came to Tea Tea Party

To make your invitations

Black Paper

Orange Paper

White Paper

Marker Pens

For the Tea Party

Tiger Mask to Make or already made

Tea Set

Your Tiger who Came to Tea Tea Party Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

This was one of he first opportunities I had had with J to talk about the book in more detail instead of just reading it through -we talked about what happened in the book, what we thought the Tiger would like to eat and drink and who could be the Tiger at our Tea Party that we were going to invite him to come to.

Brainstorming with preschool children

It did take J a little while to realise that we couldn’t actually invite a Tiger, but in my box of stuff I have a Tiger Mask so I showed him that and he was OK with that.

Tiger Skin Invitations
J creating his tiger skin invitations

As we went through the ideas I did a brain storm for him – I think it’s really important that children see us writing, so much of our written communication is done via Computers now that writing by hand is becoming a lost art so when ever I can I make sure to write lists, envelopes, cards, ideas and anything else I can think of in front of him. I’ve made some simple wipe clean sheets with plain paper that I laminated that we can reuse over and over again.

Tiger Invitations
Our Invitations

We started off by making some invitations to invite The Tiger and his friend to come to tea – using the method to make animal skins that we have done before J had a lot of fun tearing up paper and gluing it in place to make the invitations.

Imaginative play being a Tiger
J arriving for the tea Party as a Tiger

When the big day came – the weather was glorious so we decided to have our tea party in the garden. First we re-read the story – J’s friend A wasn’t familiar with the story but loved it and insisted at first to be the Tiger and her Mum join in with the party then they swapped J had a go as well play acting arriving at the party. We did make believe the tea party – well drinking straight from the tea pot and the tap weren’t something that we really wanted J and A to do.

Acting out a story
A’s Mum being the Tiger and drinking the tea straight from the Pot

T joined in as well – she was great at roaring like a Tiger and sat and drank tea at the tea party with us as well.

Bringing literature alive for toddlers and preschoolers
Our Tea Party for the Tiger who came to Tea

We’ve really enjoyed having one of our book characters to dinner and are really looking forward to project 5 of the My Little Book Adventure.

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  1. What a great way to touch on comprehension of a story and having so much fun while doing it. Just wondering how old your little ones are? I just found your blog and love so many of your ideas, my little guy is almost 2.

    Thanks for another great idea.

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