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#readforgood week 2 – Friendship Books

StickFiggy Makes a Friend

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This week as part of the Summer Readathon 2012 with MeMeTales and PBS the theme is Friendship – there are 3 books this week that you can read for free – Stick Figgy Makes a Friend, Stick Figgy Lott’s Tea Party and Arthur. One of the things that I love about MeMeTales is that although there is a wide range of books there is something suitable for all ages. We’ve chosen Stick Figgy Makes a Friend this week as friends is something that J focuses on a lot. He will walk around saying “Who is my best friend?” sometimes the reply is Mummy, other times it’s T or it could be either of his main little friends A or F.

A DIY Friends Book for young children

When I remember my childhood I think about the friends that we had – I will get out my old photo’s and look at them – some of them I can tell you straight away who the friends with me are – others I have to ask my mum or dad and some none of us have a clue. I still have the photo’s and the memories that they conjure up but wish I knew.

So with that in mind J and I decided to make a Friendship Book. This is something that we can add to as he gets older with memories of his friends as he goes through life.

What you need to make a Friendship book

Laminating Pouches

How we made the friendship book

J and I spent T’s nap time today looking through pictures on my computer of him with his friends and decided which ones to print off. Some friends we have more pictures of him with than others but whilst their names are still fresh in my memory it was worth printing them all off.

friendship book for young children
J and I worked together selecting pictures of his friends to go into the book

I printed 2 off per A4 paper with the picture at the top and a box underneath that I could write in about this friend of his – as he gets older he can write in information himself.

laminated pages
Our pages of the friendship book

When we had filled in the information about his friends then we set about laminating the pages – this had to be J’s favourite part pushing the pouches into the machine (no photo’s as it’s a little bit hot and I’m wary of J with heat so focus completely on doing that).

Friend book for young children
Our finished friends book that J can add more pages to as he grows and gets more friends

When he had finished laminating the pages we were then able to hole punch down one side of the pages and I used wool to loosely tie them together to make his friendship book – this meant that more pages can be added as he grows up but he now has a memory of the friends we have made since he was born.


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