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Patriotic Cup Cakes

Whether you are gearing up to support your country in the Olympics Games at the end of this month or you will be celebrating Independence day this week some Patriotic Red, White and Blue cup cakes are just the thing (most of my readers are from either the UK, USA or Australia I apologize if red, white or blue don’t fit in with your countries flag but you can easily change the colours to meet your own countries ones).

cup cakes for olympics or independence dayWhat you need to make Patriotic Cup Cakes

125g of unsalted butter or margarine
125g of caster sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
2 large eggs
125g of self raising flour sifted
2 tablespoon of milk
Food Colouring – I use sugarFlair Paste colours as they give a richer colour without any bitter taste

Icing Sugar (Confectionary or Superfine Sugar)
Sprinkles in Red, White and Blue
Food Colouring

How you make Patriotic Cup Cakes

Cup Cakes are something that J and I make quite often – although we call them Fairy Cakes as make slightly smaller ones normally which are perfect for fairies. So often in fact that J know the order that we make the cakes in. First off you add the butter or margarine together with the sugar and cream so that they are thoroughly mixed (if you use butter it’s worth letting the butter get to room temperature before you try to do this with a toddler or preschooler).

Preschool cake making
J making the cakes

We’re now at the stage where I have to stand at the edge and let J do the mixing – Once you have the butter/sugar creamed together you add the eggs to the mix with the milk and vanilla and mix together well. Once it’s all combined, then add in the flour gradually until you have your cake mix.

Baby wearing apron
T so eager to join in

Sorry I had to share the picture above – every time we cook T has to join in – getting her apron on and being in the kitchen with us – I know it won’t be long until she is joining in with us doing the cooking and can’t wait. – back to the recipe – With the patriotic cup cakes I divided the mix into 3 bowls – One we put aside our “white” cup cakes. The other two we added a little blue and a little red to mix to make the cakes the colours of our flag.

Preschool baking
J spooning the mix into the cup cake cases.

J then spooned the mix into the cup cakes cases and we put them in a preheated oven at 180 C for 15 mins (ish – depending on your oven). We then let them cool. Once they were cool I set up a decorating station at the table for J. I am reusing some of my baby food containers for decorating of cookies and cakes with J as I can spoon in different mixes.

decorating cup cakes
J decorating our patriotic cup cakes

To make our icing I mixed up icing sugar with water to get the right consistency. J then had great fun decorating the cakes with icing and sprinkles. Of course the proof of cooking with kids is whether they will eat them afterwards.

Eating Cup Cakes
T eating the cupcakes

well it was almost certain that T would eat them. The proof would be whether my picky eater would eat them…..

Preschool baking
J eating the cup cakes

Well there is proof – I guess they must be nice if J eats them as well.


  1. You give your first instruction as add the butter and margarine.. Shouldn’t. It be butter and sugar?

  2. Those look so yummy and I love how bright the colours have turned out. how much icing ended up on the cakes, most of ours always ends in their mouths.

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday showcase

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