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Exploring Symmetry with Leaves – Nature Art for Autumn

As the leaves start to change colour it’s the perfect time to try some fun leaf activities and crafts with the kids. This is one of our favourites to do each year. Combining maths and art this autumn leaf activity looks at symmetry in nature and is a great way to work on some observation skills with your kids. So dig out some sketch books and head out to collect some leaves on a nature walk and when you return have fun creating Symmetrical Leaf Art with the kids.

pinterest image of a preschool creating leaf art with text reading kids autumn leaf art activity math and art to create symmetrical leaves

Autumn Leaf Activity for Kids

Leaves fascinate kids, especially in fall and autumn. They love to observe the changes in the seasons as they appear, fill the trees, change colour and then fall even little kids can see the changes as they happen in front of them.

autumn leaves in different colours on a tree

This is an activity we started when the kids were preschoolers but have continued to repeat. Looking back at their drawings over the years it’s interesting to see the development of their observation skills as well as their drawing skills.

After a nature walk this is one of the first activities we do.

child painting leaves at the table

Exploring Symmetry with Leaves

Symmetry is where there is a line where the parts on one side are the same on the other side.

Leaves are ideal especially if they have a vein that runs down the centre of the leaf.

With just half a leaf you can explore a maths topic through art that you and your kids will enjoy.

preschooler collecting nature finds in autumn on a walk

So head out on a autumn work and make a collection of different leaves that you find. Bring home and leave out on a tray or surface so that they can dry out. This makes them much easier to glue into the sketch book.

kids at the kitchen table doing autumn art as part of homeschooling

Materials Needed for your Leaf Art Symmetry Drawings

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materials needed for autumn leaf art activity for kids

Prep Needed Ahead of the Leaf Activity

Quickly before you start you may want to cut the leaves in half and stick them into the sketch book especially if you are doing the activity with preschoolers.

leaf halves ready for the art activity

Leaf Maths and Art Activity

preschooler creating the leaves
  1. If you haven’t previously started off by gluing in the leaves into the sketchbook.
  2. Then talk to your child about symmetry – how they need to fill in the missing part of the leaf by copying what they can see.
  3. Take the opportunity to add in some teaching of drawing skills – you may want to introduce sketch pencils and different types e.g. 5B for shading and 3H for sketching the outline finely on the paper.
  4. Once complete you may want to colour – both mine as preschoolers always wanted to but as they have got older they have decided to use sketching and drawing techniques more.
leaf art created by a 10 year old

Above is the leaf art created by my 10 year last year and below the same child but from when they were 4.

preschoolers leaf art project

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