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Simple Apple Tree Sensory Bag for Toddlers and Preschoolers

As we start to go into autumn apple season is in full swing. It is a perfect start of the year unit for toddlers and preschoolers and there are so many ideas that you can do with them. In this simple DIY Sensory Play idea we are creating an apple tree sensory bag that’s perfect for a preschool apple theme. Use the apple sensory bag to work on fine motor skills and counting.

Create your own sensory bag for your toddlers with an Apple Tree Theme and watch them play, as they work on counting and fine motor skills

Why Use Sensory Bags with Toddlers and Preschoolers

Sensory bags are wonderful for working on fine motor skills and promoting concentration.

There’s just something about squishing things around in a bag that’s calming. Children focus in on the task and enjoy the sensory experience. You can also add in extra elements like we have with counting, sorting or even learning letters.

Materials Needed for the Apple Sensory Play

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Plastic storage bag (I used the gallon size bag. Quart size would work as well.)

Rubbing alcohol (to remove any labels from the storage bags)

Paper towel or cloth

Craft foam sheets (I used craft foam with a sticky back. Regular craft foam sheets would also work.)


Permanent marker (I used orange to design my basket.)

Red water beads (Or something else to represent apples. See alternatives below.)


Tape (to seal the bag shut)

Alternatives for Water Beads that you could use in the Sensory Bag

If you don’t have water beads, you can use something similar. I really want to try tapioca pearls. They feel similarly to water beads but they are biodegradable. They are still considered a choking hazard so supervision is a must. The tapioca pearls can be colored when they are boiled before use.

You could also use red pom poms, beads, glass gems, or even pieces of foam to represent the apples. Just be sure the size of your apple fits on your tree.

Make one big tree instead of two small trees if necessary.

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How to Make your Apple Themed Sensory Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers

using water beads safely into sensory play with toddler keep them inside a sealed sensory bag

I used water beads to represent the apples in the sensory bag. Water beads are squishy and add to the sensory experience. Just be sure to follow the directions for use. You’ll need time to rehydrate them before using. Always supervise and keep the beads inside the bag.

Use a paper towel or cloth and rubbing alcohol to remove any labels from the storage bag.

simple to make apple sensory bag for counting and fine motor development with toddlers

Cut out your apple trees and basket from craft foam. I used sticky back craft foam so my trees would stay put in the bag. You can also use regular craft foam. Just be aware that the foam can be pushed around inside the bag.

Add a small amount of water to the bottom of your bag. You want to create a thin layer of water on top of the trees when you lay the bag flat. Zip the bag shut and lay the bag flat to see if you have an appropriate amount. Adjust accordingly.

Instead of water, you could use clear hair gel like we did for our Grinch Heart Sensory Bag.

apple tree playdough mats collage

Add some red water beads (or alternative see above) to the bag. Try to remove as much air from the bag as possible. Zip the bag and seal with tape.

As an added precaution against leaks, you can place the apple tree sensory bag in a tray or container.

Move the apples onto the trees. Invite your child to play.

move the apples from the tree into the basket with this simple apple themed sensory bag for toddlers

Ask her to move the apples from the tree to the basket.

Water bead apples on a craft foam apple tree inside a simple sensory bag, great idea for fine motor and counting play for toddlers

Count the apples as you go. How many apples are on the tree? How many apples did you add to the basket?

Squishing and pushing the apples around the sensory bag is a great way to work on those fine motor skills. Children are being purposeful with where they are moving the apples.

apple tree sensory activity for toddlers to move the apples from the tree and count them into the basket

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