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Books about Starting School for Preschoolers Heading to Big School this Year!

Starting school for the first time is one of those milestones that as your child gets older become few and far between but it’s also a huge leap. Whether they have been in a preschool, nursery, daycare, childminder, or with you at home the step up to school can cause all sorts of problems with behaviour and emotions with your child (check out our tips for dealing with anxiety). Helping to prepare them for this can be done in a number of ways from creating an environment at home that sees school as a fun and interesting place, as well as things like reading together. So we’ve put together our favourite books on Starting School to help get your preschooler ready for school.

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Books about Starting School for Preschoolers

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We’ve put together our favourite books we have shared with our preschoolers time and time again all about starting school. If you scroll down you’ll find a button to download this list so that you can find them at your local library or book store, but each image and link is connected with our affiliate link to Amazon.

BIP, BOP, AND BOO GET READY FOR SCHOOL. This is a great interactive book that covers a lot of different things about getting ready for school such as wearing matching shoes and having a morning routine. There are a ton of flaps to lift as well as many things to discover.

STARTING SCHOOL. The writers of The Jolly Postman, bring you a story on what your kids can expect at school. Coloring, friends, class pets, and even the first day jitters are talked about in this book.

SEUSS-ISMS! Although this is not specifically for back to school, this book is full of wisdom from none other than Dr. Seuss! You and your child will enjoy some great advice for heading to school and life in general.

WIPE CLEAN: STARTING SCHOOL. Your child can use this book to prepare for school with simple exercises. The book doubles as a white board so your child can write out answers to the activities, and wipe it away with the eraser.

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PRESCHOOL COLOR & ACTIVITY BOOK. With over 200 colouring and activity pages, as well as a ton of stickers, your child will have a ton of fun preparing for preschool.

SCHOOL’S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Everyone gets nervous about the first day of school, even the school! This adorable story puts school fears into perspective when the school tells its own story about being nervous for the first day of school.

MISS BINDERGARTEN GETS READY FOR KINDERGARTEN. Rhymes fill this children’s book with a fun story of a teacher getting ready for the first day of school. Follow along as the kids and teacher get ready for a year full of songs, paint, and friends.

FIRST DAY JITTERS. Sarah Jane doesn’t want to start at a new school. But with a little nudging and the help of a teacher, she realizes there wasn’t so much to worry about.

Help ease your preschoolers fears on starting school with this book list of favourites that you can read together and prepare them to start.

THE BERENSTAIN BEARS GO TO SCHOOL. Sister Bear starts school, but she is nervous about what to expect. Brother Bear leads the way to show her it isn’t as scary as she thinks.

I LOVE SCHOOL. Show your kids exactly why they should love school. From friends to painting, by the end of this book, your kids will be saying, I love school!

PLANET KINDERGARTEN. From the view of a superhero, this funny yet inspiring story will have your kiddo ready for their first day of school in no time.

THE NIGHT BEFORE KINDERGARTEN. Preparing for kindergarten can be a little scary, especially when it is time to say goodbye to mom and dad. There is no need to worry though because kindergarten is full of fun.

THE KISSING HAND. Discover how the forest creatures get ready for school. Mrs. Raccoon helps Chester get over fear by sharing a family secret about the kissing hand. Super cute book.

CURIOUS GEORGE’S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Our favorite monkey is here to tell you just how fun school can be. Follow George as he helps the teacher, Mr. Apple. There are also bonus activities in this book including a recipe for ants on a log.

KINDERGARTEN, HERE I COME. With the help of some adorable pictures and great poems, this book will help your child get through their first day of school.

BRAND NEW PENCILS, BRAND NEW BOOKS. Gilbert is ready for his first day of school with all of his new pencils and new books. But he has so many questions! Will his teacher be nice? Will 1st grade be fun! No need to worry, Gilbert finds out just how fun school can be.

THIS SCHOOL YEAR WILL BE THE BEST. On the first day of school students share their expectations of what’s ahead for the year. This lighthearted book will have your child looking forward to their school year.

BACK TO SCHOOL RULES. Percy has 10 rules to follow when you head back to school. If you follow these rules you are guaranteed to have a spectacular school year.

THE EXCEPTIONALLY, EXTRAORDINARILY ORDINARY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. As John starts at a new school, he starts to tell tall tales of his old school. Some of these tales include crazy ideas like how his school was a castle and his bus was pulled by wild animals. A great story full of imagination.

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What are your favorite starting school books? Did they make my list? Share your favorites in the comments!

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