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Simple Preschool Apple Science Investigation Using the 5 Senses

Autumn is apple season and it is a great time to try a simple apple science investigation. For preschoolers, it’s an ideal opportunity to practice making observations and use their 5 senses by having an apple taste test. I have used this activity as part of an apple themed week and also used it whilst learning about the body and the 5 senses. We have included a data sheet for you and your preschooler to complete which is good practice for learning about Scientific Methods.

collage of preschooler carrying on a simple apple science experiment using the sense

Simple Apple Science Activities

Materials Needed for this Simple Preschool Science

Download our Apple Science Investigation printable to help you record your observations.

apple science for preschoolers datasheet to record observations and investigation using the 5 senses

Selection of different apples – We used Granny Smith, Gala, and Golden Delicious for our investigation.

apple activities for preschoolers to learn, play and create

Conducting your 5 Sense Apple Science Experiment

Start your apple science investigation by looking at the apples.

Make observations using your sense of sight. Talk about the differences that you see. Are the apples the same size? What are their colors? Which kind of apples have you tasted before?

ordering apples by size and features part of a simple apple investigation for preschoolers

Line up the apples by size. Which apple is the biggest? You can even measure your apples. Use a ruler to measure the height of each apple.

Use a string to help you measure the circumference of each apple. Wrap a piece of string around the widest part of the apple. Lay the string on the ruler to determine the measurement.

measuring the circumference of apples - easy apple maths looking at properties of apples

After washing the apples, cut the apples into slices (most likely a job for a grown-up).

Continue making observations. Discuss what the insides of the apples look like.

recording observations of apples part of a simple science experiment using the 5 senses into apples

Are there any difference between the apple slices? What color are the apple seeds?

apple investigation for preschoolers - looking at the inside of the apples and what the seeds are like

What do the apples smell like? Touch the apples. What do they feel like?

preschool hands-on science exploring and understanding the world

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Apple Taste Test

It’s time to taste the apples. Do the apples taste sweet or sour? Are they crunchy or juicy? Which one is your favorite?

taste testing apples simple science investigation for preschoolers using the 5 sense for apple week

Encourage your child to record observations and draw pictures of the apples.

Apple Non-fiction Books to Read Aloud

We have included affiliate links to some of the products and resources as an associate we may earn from qualifying purchases.

Whilst we conducted the science experiments we picked up a few of our non-fiction apple books to read together. These 3 are our favourites and you can click on the images or the text links below to see reviews and current prices over on Amazon.

More Apple Activities for Preschoolers

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You’ll also want to try this 2 ingredient apple scented play dough recipe. It’s perfect for working on fine motor skills. The post also includes ways to incorporate math skills into the play.

Simple apple themed counting and number recognition activity for toddlers and preschoolers ideal for fall
Work on the key concept in mathematics of number bonds with this free download of red and green counting apples to manipulate to make 10.

Science Experiments for Toddlers and Preschoolers Ebook

A to Z Science for Toddlers and Preschoolers ebook

This apple science investigation is part of my A to Z Science for Toddlers and Preschoolers ebook. The introduction to science for ages 2 to 5 includes one science activity for each letter of the alphabet. From apples to zoo, these experiments and explorations are sure to be a hit.

Each of the 26 science ideas includes a materials list, instructions for the activity, questions to ask, and the science behind it. Variations and modifications for different ages are provided when possible.

Buy the A to Z Science for Toddlers and Preschoolers ebook here.

Apple Science Experiment Sensory Science for Preshoolers
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