Nativity Ornament Craft for Kids

We love Nativity Crafts and Activities here on Rainy Day Mum. Since our first year of Storybook Advent it’s one of the books that we have returned to time and time again. This simple and cute Nativity Ornament Craft for Kids is great to do with your school-age kids and help and supervise your younger kids to do. So here we go. Don’t forget to scroll down and discover more ideas to connect with this Christmas book below.

Simple Kids Crafts to create a Nativity Ornament for the Christmas Tree
Kids Christmas Craft Nativity Ornament for the Tree

Christmas Crafts with Books

One of our favourite times of the year to get creating with books is at Christmas. There are so many fantastic Christmas Stories for kids.

From the classics like Polar Express through to silly picture books like How the Grinch Stole Christmas with all it’s rhymes and wordplay.

But the book that I started to read with my kids before any others at Christmas was the story of the very first Christmas The Nativity Story.

Over the year’s we’ve used that book to create crafts and activities for our kids and your kids to enjoy and this year we’re featuring it as one of the 4 books during our Christmas Storybook Advent.

cover of count down to Christmas make memories together in 2020 ebook for parents

Make Memories every day as you countdown to Christmas

24 Simple and easy activities to do at home with your kids this Christmas.

The Nativity Story

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There are so many different versions of the Nativity story for kids and it really is a personal preference which version you prefer.

We have recommended versions to read with your toddlers and preschoolers before, fun lift the flap books and touch and feel. However, as our kids have got older one version that we have particularly liked is The Christmas Story by Jane Werner Watson

This version of the story from the 1950s has beautiful illustrations and although does simplify the story from the New Testament it does stay fairly true to the bible story.

We’ve used it time and time again reading it with the kids before setting up our Nativity set to remind them why we are celebrating Christmas as well as inspiration for Christmas Crafts with the kids.

Nativity Ornament Craft for Kids

Materials Needed for making the simple Christmas Decoration with Kids – check out our recommendation for a low heat hot glue gun in the how to below

This simple nativity decoration for the Christmas tree uses craft sticks and yarn.

It’s a reasonably quick make with kids but that does depend on how quick they can wind the yarn around the craft sticks to create the characters and star.

simple nativity ornament craft to make with craft sticks and yarn
Nativity Christmas Craft for Kids

You’ll find some more ideas below for some Nativity Story Crafts to do with your kids.

hanging craft stick and yarn nativity ornament on a white christmas tree
Fabulous Christmas Ornament to Make with kids for the Nativity Story
Nativity Story Ornament Craft for Kids to Make with Craft Sticks and Yarn displayed on a white Christmas Tree

Nativity Ornament for Kids to Make

Cerys Parker
A simple yarn and craft stick Nativity ornament for kids to make this Christmas.
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Activity Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes

Equipment Needed

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Pair of Scissors

Materials Needed


  • With the 5 regular sized craft (lollipop) sticks hot glue them at the points to form a 5 point star.
  • Attach the yellow yarn to the back of one of a point of the craft stick star.
  • Wrap the star in yellow yarn, securing the end with some more hot glue.
  • Take the jumbo craft sticks and measure a 9cm piece, cut with the scissors. This will be Joseph. Cut a Virgin Mary to 6cm and a Baby Jesus to 4cm.
  • Take the smallest piece of (Baby Jesus) Craft stick and wrap it with the baby blue yarn to around 3/4s of the way up (this leaves space for the face). You may need to secure with hot glue at the start to help your child to wrap around easier.
  • Secure at the back with hot glue to stop it unravelling
  • Repeat with the middle-sized craft stick piece with white yarn, add a little piece of brown yarn for the hair. Again remember to leave space for the face to go on.
  • Finally, wrap the longest piece of craft stick with the brown yarn and leave space to draw the face.
  • Add eyes and smiles.
  • Attach to the star with a generous amount of hot glue, holding until its cool.
  • Then take some yellow yarn and create a loop to hang the ornament from the tree.
    simple nativity ornament craft to make with craft sticks and yarn
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Craft Stick Nativity Ornament on a white Christmas Tree

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Check out some of our other simple nativity crafts to make with and for kids.

Christmas Craft for Kids Pinterest Image
Christmas Crafts Inspired by the Nativity Story

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