Mouse Angel Peg Doll Ornaments

We all know what happens if you give a mouse a cookie…right?  In the sweet book “Merry Christmas Mouse”, by Laura Numeroff the 3rd book of the Storybook Advent 2018, the silly little mouse decorates his Christmas tree with all sorts of festive ornaments. In fact, he plans on hanging 100 decorations!

Merry Christmas Mouse Inspired Peg Doll Angels to make with Kids

Of all the tree ornaments he is decorating the tree with, the sweet little angel mice caught our eye. Honestly, I seem to have a thing for mice decorations. We have a few different mice scattered all over our tree – our felt Santa mouse and a couple of tiny mice sleeping in walnuts and we have even have vintage glass mice ornaments. I suppose that’s why I knew these mice angels would make the perfect addition to our tree.

angel mice decorations to make with kids inspired by Merry Christmas Mouse for the Christmas Tree

Materials needed to Make your Mouse Angel Christmas Ornament

Peg person (we used the “girl”)

acrylic craft paints – blue, white, black, yellow and pink


Grey and white felt


Silver pipe cleaner

White ribbon

A nickel

Thin tipped permanent maker

Low-temperature glue gun and glue sticks

How to Make your Angel Peg Doll Ornament Inspired by Merry Christmas Mouse

The first step is painting the little grey head and white dress on the peg doll. Mix together the white and black paint until you get the grey you like. We painted on two coats of paint.

peg angels painted white and grey

Once the paint is dry, it’s time to paint the little blue dots on the dress. The easiest way to paint dots is to dip the end of your paintbrush into the blue paint and then dab it onto the edge of the dress. Let your child practice on a piece of scrap paper. You can experiment with different sized paint brushes to get different sized dots. We added blue dots to the top and bottom of the angel’s dress. Let the dots dry.

peg angels painted white and grey

Finally, it’s time to paint on the mouse’s golden hair. Use the yellow paint and make sure to leave space for the face. We painted a couple of coats of yellow. Let the paint dry.

While the paint dries it is time to make the ears and the wings. Trace a nickel (or a circle about 2cm wide) onto the grey felt. Cut out 4 ears and set aside.

grey felt for ears

The wings will be heart-shaped. Again use the nickel. Fold a piece of paper in half. Place the nickel near the fold. Trace the nickel and then continue the line to the fold…creating a half heart shape. Cut out the heart and unfold the heart. Trace the heart onto the white felt.

heart template with nickel

tracing heart on felt

Finish the wings by painting more blue dots along the edge of the wing – that dot technique comes in handy. Let the wings dry.

angel wings and halo

Now it’s time to make the halo. Cut the pipe cleaner to about 3 inches in length. Make a circle by wrapping the pipe cleaner around your child’s finger, twist it together. Fold the pipe cleaner so that you have one long end…this is how you will attach the halo to the mouse.

We took inspiration from the book cover and gave our mice a cute little pink dot nose. We use a permanent marker to draw on the eyes, whiskers and smile.

Okay, now it’s time to assemble the angel! Heat up the hot glue gun. Glue the ears on the mouse head. Tuck the halo in between the mouse ears and glue it in place. Then, turn the hearts sideways and glue the wings in place. Lastly, glue a loop of ribbon in place, this is how the angel will hang on the tree.

back of angel mice

front of angel mice ornaments

I love how our little angel mice turned out. They will make the perfect addition to our tree. I think we might even make a few more and gift the book and two mice to my young nephew for Christmas. Whether you and your kids make these as gifts or for your own tree, they are sure to be enjoyed for years to come.

Mice Ornaments with Angel Wings for Kids to Make for the Christmas Tree

Mice Ornaments for the Christmas Tree to Make with Kids

Jen Farr is a writer and stay at home mom, with two creative daughters. Jen shares everything that lands on her kitchen counter on her blog, Kitchen Counter Chronicles. During the holidays, Jen and her girls love getting crafty.

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