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Ladybug Prepositions Play

We’re presently undergoing speech therapy for our preschooler, her language and understanding are fantastic, however, over 18 months ago she suddenly woke up with a stutter or stammer what we’re calling Bumpy Speech, and since February we’ve been working with a local speech therapist to overcome this using a technique called Lidcomb where we’ve been working on her training me to give the one on one sessions at home daily working from reducing the stutter on single words and now we’re on full sentences and grammar. Making these sessions at home playful and fun has been one of my aims and today I’m sharing with you as this week’s #playfulpreschool post as this weeks theme is all about Ladybug’s – it’s not just for helping with stutters but also is a fun activity to work on language skills for preschoolers and can be adapted for toddlers with simpler prepositions or older children who could use it for working on sentence structure in writing.

Ladybug Prepositions - speech and language play for young children

Materials Needed

A ladybug – ours is a stone that I coloured to look like a ladybug, but a toy would work just as well
Objects – I used some from the dolls house and also from the junk modelling tray

Paper to write on (optional!)

Learning Objectives

  • To develop language focusing on prepositions and positional words

Ladybug Prepositions

If you need to make your ladybug if not them sit down and get started. I started off with a box and T then placed the ladybug in the box – I asked what was happening and she was great (yes we’ve done this a few times now) “The ladybug is on the box”.

Ladybug Prepositions - speech and language play for young children

I start out with just one thing happening, examples may be

  • The ladybug is in the box
  • The ladybug is on the box
  • The ladybug is under the box
  • The ladybug is beside the box
  • The ladybug is behind the box
  • The ladybug is in front of the box
  • The ladybug is jumping over the box

It’s the a good idea to add in a second object so we had sentences like

  • The ladybug is in the box on top of the chair
  • The ladybug is behind the chair sitting on the box
  • The ladybug is hiding in the bath under a box

Ladybug Prepositions - speech and language play for young children

Adapting it to work with younger and older children

Younger children

You can work on understanding of prepositions as well as getting them to tell you the prepositions by giving them the sentence in the first place – so you tell them to put the ladybug in the box, 1 set of instructions and as they get the hang of this you can combine for the 2 sentences.

Older children

We used the same ladybug to work on sentences with my older child and he wrote down the sentence including the prepositions, with the two situations he added connecting words to make the sentences longer and liked to involve different objects and characters.

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Ladybug Prepositions - speech and language play for young children


  1. We’ve done it’s recently with a chair, worst idea ever. Forgot that you have to be on the chair and she figured that out all by herself and now we have a new one. “Jada fall off the chair” like the ladybug and bowl idea better.

  2. This is great! and since we made some stone ladybugs guess what we are doing later today! woohoo!

  3. What a great activity to learn prepositions. I will have to try this out with our kids. I know they would love to take turns trying out the different sentences.

  4. Great idea! I love that you don’t have to do much prep and can easily pull it out and do it when you have time.

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