One of the things I know my kids love but I’m not very good at is presenting food in such a way that it’s pretty and child friendly, but there is one thing that we can do well and it’s so easy to make and perfect for our Cooking with Kids A to Z series which is back this week with G is for Grapes. Fruit Skewers, they are so easy to make and it get’s the kids eating fruit and we can have fun making them a little bit different.

Fruit Swords and Magic Wands simple snacks for kids to make

This year for her birthday T had a Princess and Pirates theme so we wanted something that would work for a snack treat for that and these fruit swords and magic wands were perfect and she was able to prepare them all herself after I had made the pattern of the first so that they were all the same.


Fruit you know your kids will like we used

  • Grapes
  • Strawberries
  • Blue-berries

Bamboo skewers
Silver Mirror Card

Making Fruit Swords and Magic Wands

The swords took the most work – we first used a bowl and drew around it and then cut out the circles. Once the circles for the sword handle were cut she then poked a hole in the middle of the circle using the pencil with play dough underneath trick.

To make the fruit sword start off by pushing a skewer through a grape and then place the circle next and another grape this will hold the silver circle in place. Then skewer more of the fruit on until you have a sword of fruit. I did the first one and then T copied the pattern on the other skewers this was because they were for a party and I knew if I had made different ones there would be fights over them!

Fruit Swords and Magic Wands simple snacks for kids to make

For the magic wands we skewered the fruit as before and then cut some lengths of ribbon and attached them to the top – I collect any ribbon off of gifts and save for just these occasions and afterwards if there are still pieces I collect them back up and can reuse them again.

Fruit Swords and Magic Wands simple snacks for kids to make

Sometimes simple is so easy and effective these were a real hit at her party and the kids choose these over the cakes that we had made and even came back for seconds.

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Fruit Swords and Magic Wands simple snacks for kids to make

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Fruit Swords and Magic Wands simple snacks for kids to make

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