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Ice-Pop recipes for Kids

Finally, the sun it out in the UK and I’ve got out the ice-pop-making equipment then sat on Pinterest and found my favourite recipes from past summers that we’ve tried and tested to make this year. Then I realised I’m probably not the only one that like Ice-Pops as a way to keep cool this summer so I thought I would share my favourite Summer Ice-Pop recipes with you so that you can enjoy them as well.

10 Delicious easy to make ice-pop recipes that kids can enjoy and keep them cool this summer

Ice-Pop Recipes for Kids

My kids love Ice-Pops now, originally they wouldn’t touch them but somewhere around the age of 3, they became a favourite summer essential in the house. These are recipes that they love and that they can make themselves as well.

100% Fruit Rainbow Ice-Pops – the fabulous bright colours make these exciting to open and as the colours are all natural I really don’t mind the kids eating them.

Fat-Free Strawberry Yoghurt Pops – T and I made these when she was just a little tot, with Fat-Free or Light Yoghurt and freshly picked strawberries they are just summer on a stick.

Easiest ever Ice-Pops – these were my Mum’s favourite to make for us every summer as a child. So easy to make and as you have one just refill the container and leave it to freeze continuous supply to keep hydrated and cool this summer.

Berry Bliss Ice-Pops – a visit to the pick your own leaving you with excess berries then this recipe that kids can make and enjoy is the perfect solution.

Nutella Banana Ice-Pops – Every morning I get a request for Nutella on toast from my kids so I knew that this Nutella and banana ice-pop would go down a hit and it’s healthy too.

Cantaloupe Popsicles – If I can get kids to try a new fruit I will and when this involves them using the blender then you can bet they were eager to make them and try them out.

Freezer Banana Bites – OK so not technically an ice-pop but these frozen banana bites as super easy to make with the kids and taste delicious as well.

Gummy Bear Popsicles – So this isn’t exactly healthy but a little treat every so often isn’t a bad thing – check out how easy it is to make these Gummy Bear Popsicles.

Frozen Watermelon Push Pops – last year was the first year that my kids would eat watermelon and so we tried lots and lots of different ways of eating them these push pops were a huge favourite.

Octopus Pops – These had to be made especially during our Storybook Summer Ocean week last year and I’ve got them all ready to go this week as well. So fun for the kids

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10 Delicious easy to make ice-pop recipes that kids can enjoy and keep them cool this summer

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10 Delicious easy to make ice-pop recipes that kids can enjoy and keep them cool this summer


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