How to Blow Eggs for Easter

Looking to create some decorated eggs this year with your family? But, would really like to preserve them to come out again next year. Well you could buy some wooden or plastic eggs and decorate them or you could go traditional and blow your eggs. It’s really simple to do! So here you go our simple guide on how to blow eggs.

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Blowing Eggs

Although you can of course hard boil your eggs then dye you are a little limited with how you decorate them. Some paints may seep through the egg shells and contaminate the eggs. And, you really can’t prepare them that much in advance. Instead you can blow you egg and eat it decorate it ahead of time and create some beautiful dyed, wax resist or painted eggs that will last.

finished dyed eggs to make with kids as young as toddlers

Blowing Eggs is something that my grandmother used to do, the eggs would then be used in the cookies or cakes for Easter and we would spend time doing it together.

girl saving the egg yolk from an egg that she's going to decorate for Easter after having blown it

More recently I’ve done this with our kid’s Cub Scout group on a zoom call where they all blew the eggs and decorated them using our wax resist method. If you can do the activity with 7 to 10-year-olds on a zoom call you know it’s going to be easy.

decoating easter eggs after having blown them on a cub scout zoom call

How to Blow Eggs

So how do we do it? What do you need?

First it’s going to get a little messy so you may want to do this in the kitchen with an apron on!

Materials Needed to Blow Eggs

  • An Egg
  • Needle
  • Jar or container
  • Tooth Pick

Instructions for Blowing Eggs

piercing the top of an egg with a needle to start the process on blowing the eggs to decorate for Easter
  1. Hold the egg around the widest part with the pointed end up.
  2. Using the needle pierce the top with the needle.
  3. Turn the egg over and pierce the bottom with the needle.
  4. Using the needle slightly expand the holes in the egg shell. You want the bottom hole to be bigger than the top one.
  5. Once you have 2 holes made. Use the tooth pick and mix the yolk and white inside the egg breaking the membrane.
  6. Now you can shake the egg out, or go traditional and blow into the smaller of the two holes and watch the egg come out of the bottom.
  7. When you have the egg white and yolk removed set aside for baking.
  8. Wash the egg out under running water.
using a toothpick to blow the egg, the toothpick is inserted into the base of the egg and helps to break the membrane and mix the yolk and egg white together making it easier to blow

Now you can decorate check out these ways to decorate the eggs below:

coloured eggs for an easter egg hunt with wax designs on them on a wooden table text reads Wax Resist Easter Eggs Fun Craft for Kids
Shaving Foam Marbled Easter Eggs to Make with Toddlers and Preschoolers
Pinterest Image Easter Crafts How to Blow Eggs for Decorating

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