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Gingerbread House Ornaments for the Christmas Tree

We’ve spent some time recently reading some classic “fairy tales” and have decided to create some ornaments for our Christmas tree this year inspired by the stories that we have read. Reading and doing activities based on the books is a great way to encourage kids to read, explore the books further and to bring to life the stories in ways that you wouldn’t normally think about. These 3D Gingerbread House Ornaments from Card are ideal for kids to make inspired by the story Hansel and Gretel.

Simple Gingerbread House Decorations for Kids to Make with a free printable template to create the ornament to hang on the tree.

If you are looking for more inspiration for Christmas Books and Activities, Crafts and Recipes inspired by them check out our complete collection of Christmas Ideas for Books here on Rainy Day Mum.

Materials Needed to Create these Gingerbread House Christmas Tree Decorations

We have included links to Amazon products that we used to create these Christmas Ornaments. If you purchase via the links we may earn a small commission.

Brown Card or craft paper

Printable box template A4 for UK paper sizes and Letter for US paper sizes (scroll down to print these out at the end of the how-to)

Metallic Pens -> this is the set we have that works fantastically to show up on the cardstock

Double Sided Sticky Tape

Glitter Glue for extra sparkle I have found that this 3D Deco Paint is great to use with my older kids rather than normal glitter glues which can be gloopy

Scissors or craft knife and mat

Christmas ribbon

How to make your 3D Paper Gingerbread House Ornament with Kids

Start by downloading and either print directly onto the brown cardstock your printer will or printout on white paper and then use as a template to produce the net for decorating your 3D Gingerbread Houses for the Christmas Tree.

template for gingerbread house ornament

  1. With Scissors help your child cut out the net of the Christmas Tree. Don’t forget to cut between the base sections as well as around the outter edge.template cut out for simple kids gingerbread house ornament
  2. Then cut out the slots where the base with close. I did this with a craft knife after the kids had cut out the template with scissors.template cut out for simple kids gingerbread house ornament
  3. Now fold along the lines. You want to fold in towards the black outlines so you can decorate a clean surface.template cut out for simple kids gingerbread house ornament
  4. Turn the net of your gingerbread house over and let your kids decorate as the Gingerbread house in Hansel and Gretel.gingerbread house box template ready to decorate
  5. If you use paint or glitter glue let this dry before you start to fold it together

kids decorated gingerbread house box for hanging on the christmas tree

How to Fold your Paper Template to Make a 3D Box Gingerbread House Decoration for the Christmas Tree

  1. Start by folding the 2 “L” shaped tabs together on the bottom of the gingerbread house.
  2. Now place the part with the slots over these and slot the ends of the “T” shaped bottom into the slots.
  3. Place a piece of double sided sticky tape along the side flap and stick in place.
  4. Now connect the two top flaps together with the “L” shape.

folding gingerbead house box-1

folding gingerbead house box-2

folding gingerbead house box-2

We hung our with a piece of Christmas Red Ribbon and decided to add a little surprise in the box to open over the holiday season.

ribbon attached to hang kids craft gingerbread house box on the christmas tree

hansel and gretel inspired house decoration for the christmas tree for kids to make

More Christmas Ornaments for Kids to Make Inspired by Books

We love decorating our tree with homemade ornaments and our favourites are inspired by books check out some of the simple ideas we have done below and click on the images or the blue links to be taking to the full instructions.

easy toddler craft to create a How the Grinch Stole Christmas Popsicle Craft
Create these beautiful simple and natural Nativity ornaments with kids. Spend time talking about the true meaning of Christmas as you craft together.
Sugar Plum Fairy Peg Doll Christmas Craft for Kids.
Colourful and bright Mondrian Inspired Christmas Bauble decorations for the tree for Kids to Make for the festive season.

We love Dr Seuss books and this Popsicle Stick Grinch Decoration is easy for kids of all ages to make.

Inspired by the Classic Nativity Story these Wooden Clothes Pin Nativity Ornaments are simple to make and look fabulous hanging on a tree.

My daughters favourite Christmas Story by far is The Nutcracker. She loves the book, the carton and now, of course, the Disney Movie too. These Sugar Plum Fairy Clothes Pin Dolls are simple to make and inspired by that great Christmas Book.

Not such a Christmas book but Coppernickle Goes Mondrian was one of our favourite stories to read about Artists in 2017 so inspired by that book the kids made beautiful Stained Glass Mondrian Inspired Ornaments for the Christmas Tree.

10 Days of Kids Ornaments Inspired by Books

10 days of Kids Ornaments Inspired by Books

It’s become a bit of a tradition here on Rainy Day Mum that we join in with other fabulous bloggers from around the world creating an ornament with the kids that you can do to inspired by our favourite books.

papercraft gingerbread house for kids to make and decorate a simple christmas craft that they can do

We are DAY 5 of the series and joining us today are some other great ideas for kids to make this Christmas check them out below by clicking on the links below to discover other books and Christmas Crafts that your kids and you can do together this year.

Penguin Heart Ornament over on Artsy Momma


Don’t Forget to Pin this Simple Kids Ornament to Make Inspired by Hansel and Gretel

Simple Gingerbread House Decorations for Kids to Make with a free printable template to create the ornament to hang on the tree.


  1. Love these adorable little houses Cerys – we’re definitely printing them out!!! They’d make cute little fairy houses too <3

    1. Ohhhh I hadn’t thought of them for fairy houses – but can now see them all over my daughters room for her fairies to live in!

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