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Exploring Outdoors – Colours of Spring

Exploring Outdoors PostThis week we’re really taking advantage of the nice weather and been mixing together our exploration of colour that we’ve been doing in the house with our No mess colour mixing and Shaving Foam Fun and taking it outside to look at nature.

J is good at his colours – his favourite being Green and he gets the rest but we still love hunting for colours where ever we go – as we are walking into town (around 2 miles) we play what colour car can you see so we’ve taken the idea out into the garden and played “What colour flowers can you see?” – I also let J have a go with the camera and have featured one of his pictures in today’s post.

Exploring Colours of SpringAlthough we have some flowers out they are mainly Crocus’ but when I planted them last year I made sure that I brought a selection of different colours – not because I was thinking ahead to what activities I could do with J but more that I wanted to make sure that our early Spring garden was as bright as possible especially if this winter had been anything like the previous ones.

J found green first - although the snowdrops I would say are white flowers he was drawn to the green leaves

J’s first spot was the GREEN snowdrops – although they are white he really focused on all the green leaves that they have as unlike a lot of the rest of the garden which is covered with mulch and chippings these really stand out.

Purple Crocus
J found purple crocus' next

Our next spot was purple large crocus and as he was focusing on these he spotted his next flower as well. Before he could say it I let him have a go with the camera and this is what he produced

Toddlers first picture taken with camera
J's first picture taken with my camera of a yellow crocus

After the yellow flower (yes he managed to find the smallest possible yellow crocus in the garden! but he did find a yellow flower) he found a white flower as well.

White Crocus
J finds a white crocus

T was feeling a bit left out so I found a toy camera for her and she sat in the garden playing at being mummy holding the camera up and shouting loudly which I guess would be her version of “Say Cheese!”

Baby playing at being Mummy with a camera
T playing at being me taking pictures with toy camera

Our book link this week is My First Gruffalo: Colours by Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler- this is a lovely board book that we’ve been looking at with T, it features the characters from the Gruffalo book and goes over different colours with them. J likes reading it with us as well as he recognises the characters from the main book. I love books that allow the two of them to get something out of it but from very different angles.



  1. Simply delightful. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these types of activities and book collections. Thank you so much for sharing this post with our readers through the Love Books collection! http://theeducatorsspinonit.blogspot.com/p/love-books.html We are huge Gruffalo fans and didn’t know about this book. I am inspired to find this book and I hope your post inspires others to look for the colors of spring outdoors with their children!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lovely idea looking for colours in the garden. I think he did a good job at using the camera for the first time. Well done Tilly.

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