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Paper Plate Ladybird

In honour of T’s birthday this week J and I have been making her some paper plate ladybirds. Now back in the summer, J and a very tiny T made some mini ladybugs but this time we decided to go BIG.

Paper Plate Ladybugs

What you need to make Paper plate ladybirds

Paper Plates
Red Paint
Black Pen
Black Crayon
Black Paper
Pipe Cleaners (Chenille Sticks)
Sticky Tape
Googley Eyes

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How to make the Paper Plate Ladybirds

We decided to make 5 ladybirds for some reason (well it was 4 but J manged to find another paper plate somewhere) so I set J up with some paint, brushes and the paper plates.

Toddler Painting
J painting the paper plates red

J happily painted, T toddled around – until I heard the fatal words “TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO My Red Paint!” I wish I had a picture T had managed to grab hold of the paint pot pull it off the table and straight over herself and the floor – this is the reason why we have tiles and my kids normally look messy! Once J had painted the plates we left them to dry overnight – some her painted one side some both sides what ever took his fancy.

Toddler working on symmetry
J drawing spots to match the ones I had drawn

My first idea was to print the spots on using a cotton reel – but after a practise on some card – J needs a little more printing practice before we can print circles on as he instead loved to paint with the cotton reel instead of printing which was so much fun – but that is a completely different post. So what we did was once the plates were dry was draw a circle – some I did and some J did – as I wanted us to look at numbers and symmetry but without J realising it so I drew a line down the middle of the plate – on one side I drew either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 circles and then J copied them on the other side of the line he did it really well.

Toddler using a glue pen
J using a glue pen to glue the head on his ladybird

We then coloured in the dots – some we coloured in with crayon and some with pen depending on what he picked up first. To make the head I very quickly drew around the top part of the plate and cut it – all the time J was saying “CAREFUL Scissors are sharp!” he then used the only glue left in the house (we’ve had a very sticky week of craft!) my glue pen and glued them on.

Winding pipe cleaners
J wound the pipe cleaners around a crayon as he had seen on TV

No ladybird would be complete with antenna which J decided would have to be pipe cleaners – so using a crayon we wound it around the crayon and the attached with sticky tape.

Paper Plate Ladybug
One of our Ladybirds – notice the smiley face on one spot

J added some googley eyes to the ladybirds and they were finished.


  1. I love how he kept commenting on scissors being sharp!

    Such a cute craft – thanks for sharing with Learning Laboratory πŸ™‚

    1. The scissors are sharp is a catch phrase from his favourite show Mister Maker – TV does have it’s benefits it teachers safety with scissors πŸ˜€

  2. Love the goggly eyes and the pipe cleaners. Didn’t J do well drawing the circles.

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